Confirmed Census: Missing Item Data

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Nodlef, Jan 12, 2023.

  1. Nodlef Member

    With Renewal of Ro, items exported to Census are missing some of the data to correctly render them, specifically Predicate flavor text and Expansion Requirements.

    Example #1:

    \aITEM 187868283 -2116564684 0 0 0:[Bloodbound Rune: Blissful Thought]\/a

    In-game item window says: "Requires: Expansion: Renewal of Ro"
    In-game item window says: "Predicates: In Player Home or Guildhall zones or In Reign of Shadows zones or In Visions of Vetrovia zones or In Renewal of Ro zones"

    No hints are provided in Census which might allow the display of this information.

    Example #2:

    Example: \aITEM -1657282838 -1394719705:Renewal Talent\/a

    In-game item window says "HEIRLOOM".
    Census flag HEIRLOOM is not set. Are certain item types like Currency now autoflagged HEIRLOOM?
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  2. Ratalthor Developer

    For example 1, this is by design. We do not export predicates using Census.
    Heirloom is something that should export, so we are investigating.
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  3. Nodlef Member

    Great to hear this is being looked into. Is it possible that displayed Predicate flavor text on Items could be exported since Predicates are becoming more important as time goes on?
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  4. Caith Developer

    We do not have any current plans to export predicate data, but the issues with some currency not reporting their flags correctly is being corrected. Not sure of the extent of the issue at the moment, but both the Renewal Talent as well as the Vetrovian Dres'Aag look to have the issue.
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  5. Prayos Well-Known Member

    Having the predicate data would be useful. It's kind of frustrating looking up an adornment, and looking at it in game only to discover the predicates. Like, Heart of Luclin is still a pretty decent adornment, but looking it up in Census, you'd never know it isn't usable in Renewal of Ro zones.