Census Issues

Discussion in 'Developer Announcements' started by Jamiss, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Mysstie Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's down. A JSON request just comes back with "error"service_unavailable"" o_O
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  2. Revekk Member

    EQ2U hasn't been able to update since, I would guess Monday or Tuesday
  3. Accendo Community Manager

    There is an ongoing investigation to get to the bottom of the error and fix it. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve the issue.
  4. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    Are we there yet??
  5. Accendo Community Manager

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  6. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

  7. Dude Well-Known Member

    You post at interesting times for a person living on the West Coast. I'm relatively sure you never sleep. ;)
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  9. Bludd Well-Known Member

    looks like census is down again
  10. Bludd Well-Known Member

    yay back up!
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