Census: Improve Mercenary Data

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    Brief: Mercenaries are an essential component of EQ2 solo gameplay and valuable part of monetization. Improved availability of information about mercenaries would help players understand the methods to acquire them and may lead to additional sales.

    EQ2 Mercenary data in Census currently has:
    • Mercenary ID*
    • Merc Name
    • Class
    • Race
    • Gender
    • Merc Base/Effective Stats
    • Merc Equipment

    EQ2 Mercenary character-specific data NOT currently published to Census includes:
    • Merc Level

    EQ2 Mercenary static data NOT currently published to Census (possibly in a separate census block called 'mercenary_details'):
    • Mercenary Buff spellCRC/ID -- ie. Visions of Vetrovia (Support)
    • Mercenary Spell List spellCRCs/IDs

    Spells in Census do not currently include Mercenary-specific spells -- only player spells that mercs also use.

    * MercenaryID and OwnerID are currently smashed together but we can work around it. Bug fixing this would require adding the mercenary hiring UUID as "id" and then fixing mercenaryID to just have the 7-10 digit mercenaryCRC which doesn't change, ie 3693255452 for Klatus Bledso.
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    Would LOVE to have this made available!!