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Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Beee, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. Beee Well-Known Member

    Actual the hardest part of the Celestrial Doctrine quest is to do the two PQs

    Please think about removing the PQs for requirement of his quest.

    PQs at least on Thurgadin are empty - understandable because there is no usefull reward exceppt doing both once a month for the Celestrial quest :D
  2. Beee Well-Known Member

    Today on Thurgadin 7 layers tried to do the Erysai PQ and after 90 minutes fight the PQ closed - Endmob at 40%

    This sucks
  3. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Depending on the players, you can generally do the PQs with as few as 12-14 players. The problem is that if people aren't well-geared then it takes for-freaking-ever to kill anything.

    During the work week, PQs that happen during a work day will have less population to choose from. We also always suffer a drop in population in summer, which is why the summer ethereals were introduced. Raiders will do PQs, but most wait until the last minute when their Celestial quest is about to expire.

    If you are in a guild, see if you can get your guild to pull together to do some PQs.
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  4. Mermut Well-Known Member

    PQs tend to get critical mass right after the celestial quest resets.. and right before... both times when people are getting them in for the celestial. Doing them at other times is unlikely to have positive results because the rewards aren't worth the time :(
    If they take them off the celestial quest, they'll never hit critical mass.
  5. Drona Well-Known Member

    PQ have now passed their sell by date, I think its time to nerf PQ all the way down so that 4 to 6 people can clear it on their own whenever they feel like it.
  6. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Since Chaos Descending released, I have only seen people doing overland PQ's TWO times. Not that I pay that close attention as I'm usually running around doing Tradeskill dailies or Anchorage quests or Guild Harvester harvesting quests, but seriously, these overland PQ's are VERY DEAD.

    It would be nice if they could be changed so that only a handful of people could run them and succeed, or...as my friend, Ceyarrecks suggested today...if the timer on the PQ wouldn't start until there are at least 15 active players actually hitting the named.

    To have these PQ's last on an only one hour timer doesn't allow much time to gather enough people together to complete the PQ timely before the timer runs out...and lets face it...who wants to waste thirty minutes to an hour of their time trying to succeed, only to have it fail and get no reward out of it. It just isn't worth it.
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  7. Beee Well-Known Member

    One more twink on thurgadin with only the 2 PQs left for the celestrial doctrine quest... :eek:

    The PQs are the stupid unnecessary hardest part of th quest
  8. Beee Well-Known Member

    Joined a Awuidor PQ at the first part 40/68 trash Mobs .. we cleard the Zone in 20 minutes and NO PLING.. The first questpart did not pling :eek:

    The PQs are really - lets say polite - not fine
  9. semisus Well-Known Member

    Would be nice if removed this from doctrine
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  10. Chrol Developer

    A certain amount of participation is required to update the Dr. Arcana PQ missions.
  11. Beee Well-Known Member

    I know.. but when a player is dps #5/21 over the whole fight, doing 18.000 hits on the mobs, starting at 40/68 mobs at the first quest.. and not getting a pling .. I do not think this is correct

    But please do not invest time in digging into the PQs... just remove them from the celestial doctrine quest and everythig works fine
  12. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing the joining at 40/68 for the first part of the quest is what cause the 'ding failure' with Dr. Arcana.
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  13. Beee Well-Known Member

    Hopefully we will see this - would make a lot of frustraded users happy
  14. Tomshindo Active Member

    So many things need to be reviewed and changed so that balances toward the current circumstance we have in this expansion.
    Let me say, just give some of our veteran players the power to change AA/class/items, and it would be far more better off than now. (I don't mean to blame anyone.)
  15. Beee Well-Known Member

    Happend to me again.. no pling

    starting at 20/68 and joined a raid within the last groups around 60/68
    it seems the quest resets on joining a raid so you do not get an update

    These PQs are just a waste of time and not fun - I'm just doing it for the Celestrial Doctrine quest
  16. Beee Well-Known Member

    Again .. just Water PQ started for me at 30/68 no raid but in the group a player joined later

    So i really seems the quest resets for me if someone joins the group in the last encounter of the first quest
  17. Mermut Well-Known Member

    A few times when I've joined water part way through first phase I haven't gotten full credit.
    The way to tell is by the reward you get IN the instance. If it's gold, you got full credit and will get eth coins outside. If it's silver, it didn't credit you for all 3 phases and Dr Arcana will blow you off = no eth coins.

    Make sure you hit as many of the 'trash' mobs during the first phase as you can if you come in late.
  18. Beee Well-Known Member

    Whyever it's not enough doing 6% of the PQs dps for 27 trashmobs and the nameds for getting a pling.. Water PQ is fast - if it works :D

    Thanksfull it happens to other players sometimes too :)
  19. Gullveig New Member

    At least with the summer ethereals, it's no problem getting a full PQ. Or rather, the problem is having 70+ people in one instance (lagfest). I'm actually hoping to get into the second instance these days, where we'll have maybe 30-40 players instead.
  20. Beee Well-Known Member

    Right now the PQs became the bottleneck of the Celestrial Doctrine quest again

    Maybe a solution yould be to enable the Astral Gloom-Hardened Medallion for the PQ only again.. so payers could get at least 2 etherals coins a day again ;)

    Or remove the PQs form the Doctrine quest please
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