Celestial Weapon from ROS Achievements

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Sykle, Dec 18, 2020.

  1. Sykle Dismember

    Is it possible to have the other version on a merchant so that we can switch between them, in the event that we made a mistake and chose the wrong one, or wanted to switch?
    This has been done in past expansions. Would like the options.
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  2. LastActionJackson New Member

    Yeah this needs to be done. Peeps who bought the 2h got completely hosed. The CB on it is about 400. You can easily use a 1h and secondary to get about 1000-1100cb.
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  3. Kanv Member

    I hope they become available on a merchant, especially now when one can trade Najena's staff of war with Replica of war (pearl weapons)
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  4. Thornfinger Member

    Agreed, I made the choice for the one handed weapon before knowing that the PQ's would drop celestials. I would have taken the secondary had I known.
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  5. MSMS New Member

    If everyone does a petition about a wrong choice.. I'm sure we can soon exchange the weapons
    Having the flag it should be possible to get the other weapon if the original

    BTW: Thank you for the possibility to exchange the 2H peall weapon for the 1H at the bazaar status merchant !!
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  6. Thand Well-Known Member

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