Celestial Overseer Quest

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Mournblade, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. Mournblade New Member

    Not to be a bother but 15 hr quest for a Superior Fragment of Planar Energy? Uh totally not worth it at all.,. please fix it ASAP
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  2. Tocino the Troubadour Active Member

    i just completed one. Got the bonus crate.

    Crate 1 - 1 or 2 of every rare (not really that rare) harvest.
    Crate 2 - Extra Barding Slot
  3. dorotea Well-Known Member

    Some you win, some you lose, some are rained out. It wasn't raining.

    Overseer is designed to be a fun minigame that takes very little player effort and occasionally, not always, not usually, gives nice rewards. If I spent an hour on a PQ or three hours on a raid and got that fragment I think I would have a much stronger objection than if I took 1 minute to pick agents and send them out and then did nothing until the mission completed.
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  4. Thornfinger Member

    First one

    Crate 1: Infuser
    Crate 2: Essence of Chaos

    Crate 1: Infuser
    Crate 2: 30 day Merc training

    Crate 1: Sambata Reins Recipe
    Crate 2: 180 Resolve Leather armor
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  5. CSP84 Active Member

    Well as (per Kander) this "Fun Minigame" is a REPLACEMENT for engaging content Quests /Quests lines, so it should be way better implemented.
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  6. Priority Active Member

    I regularly spend 3 hours/night in raid and don't even get an infuser. Difference is, there's a reasonable expectation of reward from raids.
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  7. dorotea1 New Member

    CSP84 - I agree that it should be well implemented.

    Where I don't agree is with the apparent opinion that if rewards are sometimes crappy or even usually crappy this is a sign of poor implementation.

    If I buy a lotto ticket I usually lose. Operating as intended.
    If I put a quarter in a slot machine I usually lose. Operating as intended.
    If I send 3 agents out on a long mission I usually lose. Operating as intended.

    Do you think that Lotto and Las Vegas and Overseer are all poorly implemented? If not, why do you single Overseer out?
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  8. Rebelde Active Member

    1st: Legendary new agent with an old trait
    2nd: Greater Fragment of Planar Energy + Sambata Stirrup recipes
    No difference from the rewards from blue or yellow missions
  9. PurpleChicken Active Member

    When masses of people are playing a game where the content is not satisfying, the crafting is absolutely destroyed, the fun is being wiped out randomly, players can't scratch their way into functioning as one would expect to when they pay a monthly fee and buy expansion packs...it's not at all the same as saying someone expects to win the lottery every time. People are asking to get REASONABLE returns on WHATEVER they have available in-game to better their character and make progress. It shouldn't be a lottery, they are already PAYING to play this game...they already BOUGHT the expansions. Since upgrades and progress are not available by actually playing the game, they desperately hope to see it from this annoying side-game system. When you send out a ten hour overseer mission with a high success percent and you get a harvestable you could have gotten in a half hour of harvesting or an agent with no traits or an infuser you don't need...it's insult to injury. Maybe people are more upset about things than you think they should be, but maybe it's because they're trying REALLY hard to keep loving a game they love, and every little thing is making it worse.
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  10. dorotea1 New Member

    That BoL as a whole is poorly implemented is beyond dispute <nods in emphatic agreement>.
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