Celebrate Black Friday with Double Station Cash

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Dexella Associate Producer


    One Day Only on Black Friday*: just buy Station Cash in-game, online, or redeem an SOE pre-paid game card for Station Cash to get Double!

    *Offer is valid between 12:01AM PST 11/23/12 and 11:59PM PST 11/23/12. Excludes purchases of Station Cash by SMS payment.
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  2. Ramone_AB Active Member

    Thank you for the Double SC :)

    Now if the extra slots were marked down I would spend another good chunk of what I restocked :D
  3. petier Active Member

    it would be even better if every time i zoned i wasn't being kicked to character select and told that the server is not responding in a timley maner and to try again later...guess it is time to load up boarderlands.
  4. Catgravy New Member

    It also says plus Daily Specials... Here it is, Saturday afternoon... what is today's special???
  5. Shiucaia New Member

    Backpacks in station store 50 percent off that's all I've seen
  6. Shiucaia New Member

    I would love to have rebate on everything in store that would be awesome
  7. Catgravy New Member

    Hmmm... Not worth it. On the server I am on... I can buy 44 slot bags for 10g.
  8. Leonitas of Potato Situational Awareness

    yeah and hc bags are 44 or 48 slot and tradeable, these are no trade i think, so u cant even use in shared or nothing on your other toons. ill pass. :) dont get me wrong, double sc is cool, but i didnt jump at it. black friday is supposed be the "pull out the big guns" sale but seems like they pulled out the water gun from the dollar store and it broke on em already =/ especially when they do triple sc at times for no reason at all, no holiday or nothing.
  9. Catgravy New Member

    I did buy SC for my wife and I... but only because we just recently came back to EQ2. Would have loved to hit the triple cash.
    But you are correct Leonitas, they should have pulled out the big guns!!!

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