CE Mercs- any good -- need changes

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Guiscard, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Guiscard Active Member

    Ok Anyone try out the CE mercs - are they worth it?

    What I don;t like is that they replace your exisiting merc. I think you should be able to have both CE mercs available and be able to bring out the one you want. After all we paid for the CE so we should at least be able to always use the CE Merc and have it there with the other mercs. I am feeling like we didn't get much for our money.
  2. Ssrilith Member

    While i agree to a extent, the availability of them in the city, is what we paid for.
  3. Endrek New Member

    I'm hoping at least the paladin is bugged as its worthless compared to the standard SK merc.
  4. simple New Member

    I agree ^^
    I Was hoping they would be better than the standard mercs.
  5. Nynaeve Active Member

    gninja already responded: Paly will get fixed in next patch . he has an issue with his buffs...
    check my thread:; Were-Paly wearing cloth? for the reply.