CD TS Sig Line Done...but where are the "horse" recipes

Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Bhayar, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Player2 Member

    I misunderstood the source of the recipes

    guild hall daily's to get a (recipe) drop ?

    [crafters grind or quest to level, have to harvest or pay for raws and rares, earn faction/coins for recipes, buy recipe drops, patterns, and other components from adventurers, or become raiders themselves...
    and then DBG adds more gates and sells for real money the same or better items that we work to make. (spells, bags, fashion, furniture... )]
    and DBG sells crafting levels, vitality, and exp potions on top of that

    canceled memberships. i'm done with the gates (and competing with DBG for sales)
    [and i just got my inheritance manastones on the TLE too boot, so ask DBG for my stuff... it's not MY stuff anyway]
  2. TradeskillMom New Member

    I agree, trade skill is practically nerfed because even if you do do the quest line and the dailies (which never drop what you need), the recipes are still Heirloom. Are there any more ways for EQ to stifle trade skill. We make up a lot of players and we were promised that what we make would be better than what you can buy, but we CAN’T MAKE ANYTHING GOOD TO SELL!
  3. TradeskillMom New Member