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    part of the STR line is crit chance.. the end is Catalyst.
    Does anybody still spec for catalyst? Crit chance is easy to come by now and i cant see spending 20 AA points just for catalyst.

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    you are missing out on some DPS if you don't, 25% CB added, combined with freehand sorcery it is another 24%.
    massive damage boost, so yeah it should be specced.
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    currently i am going down the AGI,STA, and INT lines to the end.. and then maxed out brainstorm in the wis line.

    Which line should i remove to go down for the catalyst?
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    thanks for the info.. appreciate it
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    I followed this advice and i gained about 8k dps!

    It is still discouraging as hell when i see locks and conjys hitting like 35K in raid.. i cant seem to get above 18k lol
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    Good to hear you got a boost out of it, you can easily crush 45K, may be a gear issue, a group issue or a mix so just keep working on it try different things, and if you are notrunning a parse yourself then start.
    I can hardly keep up with our wizzy in DOV raids and I parse ~60-70K, crappy single target encounters he beats me by 15K or better, multi target fights I can sometimes edge him out but most of these are split encounters where part is single target then multi target.
    Group makeup will add tons to your DPS, lots of other little things add here and there, maximising results of timewarps, it all adds up. If you didn't read those posts I highly recommend that you do, there is a great deal of good info there. If that is your name on Everfrost, and you'd like I'll ask our wizzy to shoot you a tell (if he wants to) he can fill you with some good advice if he has the time.