Casual Players Guide to Luclin

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  1. SynergyBlaize Member

    A Guide would be great!
    Returned about a 6 weeks ago & have been levelling alts to 100, as I really don't know yet how to proceed after 100 with gearing up, potency, resolve etc..
    I admit, I haven't researched it yet, but listening to General chat it seems another degree of complication.

    Also, I am a tad concerned that getting to 110, let alone 120 will be very hard right now, as the majority of players are now 120 & probably only a few are doing group content for 100 > 110.
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  2. Raff Well-Known Member

    You can solo / molo your way to 120 pretty easily. The gear upgrades (and potency / resolve) as you go will basically take care of themselves. I would recommend that you level up a couple of crafters for CD. MC gear really helped getting started in that xpac.

    Alternatively, I would suggest finding an active guild that plays in your timezone. They can help you much more than trying to figure out what is going on in chat. Potency and resolve are far less of issue than some would have you believe. Both are relatively easily acquired.
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  3. doit Member

    "Compared the difficulty of getting geared up enough to run Heroics, BoL is much more accessible. Not that Heroics are easy, mind you. The bosses have a bajillion hit points. We did the Sombata T1 yesterday."

    So what are the easiest heroic zones to start with with a casual guild?

    Is their an easy first named in any zone that can be farmed to slowly get better gear for harder zones? (even if second named is harder can at least do one named for loot)
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  4. Stibbie Member

    If you are looking to gear up for heroics, start completing the achievements. These will get you 165 resolve items for most slots. Infuse every single 165 item and above item. You can use infusers from last expac. Run solos, lots and lots of solos, here is the chance for masters, mounts, red adorns and lots and lots of infusers along with gear to salvage to make infusers and weapons to extract essences from. Go pick up one of the dropped quests and look at the possible rewards...yep keep doing those, go to the point of interest quest and pick one up..look at the possible rewards...yep, again keep doing those. Don't always want to play solo, team up! On the dropped quest, click the item, accept the quest and then trade it to your friend before you zone. Two quests one box. Talk to people about the proper way to reforge this expac, it makes a huge difference.
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  5. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    You can use infusers from any expansion. I personally start with the Twark handcrafted infusers. They are a Provisioner recipe and use common fish as the main ingredient. If you have a Provisioner but don't have the recipe, you just do the KA tradeskill line and a dew missions to get your faction high enough. Then that one toon can buy the Twark recipe books for any alts.
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  6. pariah Member

    It's almost a month since my original post and I thought I would follow up. As a side note, since I've had a month to play around I've remembered a few tricks of the trade now and if anyone wants to see what I'm playing with, i just cracked 135k pot.

    you can just look at my character. Feel free to tell me what I'm doing right or wrong. If it helps, great, if not that's fine too.

    JOIN A GUILD - So I took my own advice and joined a guild (Outlaws), and have been on a few pity parties where people took me along. It's sad to see my DPS being the lowest in the group every time, and that includes the healer, but more on that later. Just joining the guild will give you access to the guild buff which will add to your abilities in a few small ways, but every bit helps and this is free. Did you know there is a buff for completing all the Kunark Ascending Raids flawlessly? I sure didn't but I now have a 1k potency buff for a few hours work with my guild. I'm sure there's plenty of other stuff I don't have or know about, but that is something I would have never gotten on my own (and you wont either)

    GET A NEW MOUNT - I stand by saying the Mount is your number one goal. The low level dropped mount offers 11k potency vs the 400 you are probably getting off a PoP mount and now most people who want them have them. The price I see regularly is 100k or less and often times free. Watch the auction for it. If you are like me and not paying for the premium, it is the single biggest and easiest upgrade to get (which isn't to say it will be easy for all of you, but watch out for it)

    ALTERNATE ADVANCEMENT - AA's helped a tiny bit, not as much as you might hope, but if you aren't respecing your AA's to maximize what Potency you do have easy access to, you are starting in a much deeper hole than you need to be.

    INFUSE EVERYTHING - Doing all the solo quests as some people suggested is important but it's NOT going to make as big a dent in your potency as people are claiming. For that you need to go back and infuse everything as far as it will go. If you have the money, max out every piece of gear every time you upgrade. If you're poor like me (or poorer, l've actually built up some more coin by selling another master or 2 and have a war chest of 9 million now, way better than the 80k i came into the expansion with) save for the good items you won't replace right away. Basically if you get a drop with a 165 resolve (or I think 1278 for the primary ability on most items, 1373 on weapons) dump all you can in it. Sadly it's going to take 20-40k plat each item. If you look at my characters gear (as of 1/27) I think only 2 items are from heroics (my ranged and maybe the hat) and the rest came from grinding solo's, the PQ and sending the overseers out every chance I got.

    INFUSE EVERYTHING MORE - Money only gets you so far this time, but there are a ton of daily repeatable quests that are easy to complete and drop infusers, 4 per zone from just clicking on an object and then killing 10 mobs, and a bunch if you get the chest drop and kill 20 mobs. It's free, its easy, and you need it to expand your potency.

    NEXT STEPS - Ok, I'm still a bit cloudy here, but my gear isn't bad, but my DPS is still AWFUL. Like guildies throwing down 4 billion damage in the time I'm throwing down 200 million bad. I'm just now starting to look into REFORGING. I made a quick attempt at it by dumping everything I could into potency but that dropped my DPS significantly, so I undid it all and will go back with a more measured approach. In addition it's time to RESPEC AA's again. I got the easy potency, but I noticed that I have AA's I never use, like ones that only affect my tank pet which frankly never gets to come out and play. Also I'm looking into downloading a PARSER. Figuring out what to reforge into is not easy, I haven't found any good sites that deal with it, but there's no reason you can't change something, sit in front of a training dummy for a bit and actually see how your DPS changes.

    Good luck
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  7. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    What you need next is Fervor and Crit Bonus.
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  8. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    I was just going to mention that I've found BoL to be the friendliest expac in years for new/ returning players. The reason: Achievements which give solid rewards.

    If folks want to get into groups, etc, do achievements. Many of the 165 resolve items are the same as first tier heroics.
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  9. SynnikuL Active Member

    I really like this post! I appreciate everyone sharing their findings. So it sounds like Skygge is about the best mount a solo-only player can get? Just wanted to confirm before I spent a lot of time upgrading and training it. I have a couple of unlocks like the 10day mount research reduction and a barding unlock. Didn't want to use those if there was a better mount that was pretty easy to get later on.
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  10. Occam Well-Known Member

    Pariah, keep in mind summoners got the short end of the stick this xpac. It definitely is possible to put out solid DPS on a summoner, but it takes a lot more work than most other classes. My main is a mostly raid geared necro, and my swashy that hasn't even finished the sig questline can parse nearly as well by face-rolling my keyboard.

    Something to keep in mind is that auto-attack is a viable strategy again, and if you spec into it and get close enough to the mob, you'll see an increase in your DPS.

    As far as what you should aim for stat-wise, here's a very useful snippet from the EQ2Wire forums:


    Casting speed - 200% - Several mobs have a 100% debuff
    Reuse speed - 200% - Several mobs have a 100% debuff
    Recovery speed - 100%

    DPS Mod - 6000-8000+. Becomes better and better the more you get. The curve is impossible to plot so no one knows how it really works other than, get as much as you possible can. No hardcap.
    Haste - 200
    AE Auto - 100
    Accuracy - 100
    Strikethrough - 100. Yes everyone needs this. A lot of brawler mobs and they have 360 defenses.
    Multi Attack - 2995 is the hard cap.
    Flurry - 186% should in theory be the hardcap.
    WDB - As high as you can get it.

    Ability Doublecast - As high as you can get it.
    Crit Bonus - Until you cap. This is individual, but below 7k is bad if you want a measurably unit.
    Potency - As high as you can get it.
    Ability Mod - As high as you can get it. Its impossible to get any where near the cap for any of the classes this expansion.

    Everyone needs to get the new food and the snacks and everyone needs to go melee on fights where you dont joust too much. It will increase your DPS by so much its not even funny.

    Casting speed
    Reuse speed
    Potency (until 150k, then Crit Bonus)
    Crit Bonus (until cap)

    DPS/Weapon Bonus Damage
    Ability Doublecast (unless you are able to reach 125%, then this becomes more important than DPS and you have less than 7500 dps mod)

    These two stats are fighting each other and will change priority depending on how much you got of each. If you are able to get 7-8000+ DPS mod and you can't maintain close to 125% ability double cast, DPS mod will win every time. If you on the other hand can maintain close to 125% ability double cast, ADC wins every time.
    There are TWO exceptions though. Beast Lord primals and advantages & Channeler conduits does not scale past 111 as of this date (28/01-2020) and DPS mod will almost always win. Plus DPS mod is 20% shared with their pets. WBD is also shared with their pets.


    I didn't look through your AA's in detail, but one thing that helped my auto-attack DPS was to respec to Weapon of the Mind and Vitality of Strength. They're on the right column in your Conjy Prestige tree.

    (Side note: I believe the mobs with casting and reuse speed debuffs are raid mobs, so if you're not raiding you should be fine at 100% for both of those.)
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  11. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Since people are auctioning off mounts that drop in instances, that's also a solo player option (if you have the plat).

    Checking EQ2U for mounts discovered in the last 90 days (and excluding appearance mounts), we have:
    • Ergrott, Cerulean Terror (\aITEM 512022544 -1410345652:Ergrott, Cerulean Terror\/a): +90 Resolve (base stats, it goes up after you finish the BoL sig line), very rare reward from Cobalt heritage Crates purchased from the Marketplace. This is pure gambling. I accidentally got one from a 20-crate pack I bought looking for barding slot unlocks. Some people have spent literally hundreds of real dollars trying to get this mount (I can only imagine the spousal aggro!)

    • Kralkalik, the Hivewatcher (\aITEM 951040374 574440290:Kralkalik, the Hivewatcher\/a): +85 Resolve, uncommon drop from the final names in BoL Solo instances.

    • Mektaelnik, the Aggressor (\aITEM 1613291220 -691091007:Mektaelnik, the Aggressor\/a): +95 Resolve, no idea where this comes from, I'm going to guess a challenge heroic or raid.

    • Skirkoloc, the Enslaved (\aITEM 943441838 -175661617:Skirkoloc, the Enslaved\/a): +90 Resolve, drops from Mrokor, the Smartist in Aurelian Coast: Sambata Village [Heroic] (I'm going to guess it may drop from other Heroic instances too, but this is what EQ2U has).

    • Skygge (\aITEM 1201811069 1712207965:Skygge\/a): +90 Resolve, /claim from Premium Edition BoL Expansion, Family & Friends BoL Expansion.

    • Skygge, Dark Terror (\aITEM -2101860231 734268350:Skygge, Dark Terror\/a): +95 Resolve, Upgrade to Skygge purchased from the Status Merchant in Sanctus Seru.

    • Umbra (\aITEM 1706139255 1821192819:Umbra\/a): +85 Resolve, /claim from Collector's Edition BoL Expansion, Premium Edition BoL Expansion, Family & Friends BoL Expansion.

    • Umbra, Shadow Screecher (\aITEM -583903698 739077638:Umbra, Shadow Screecher\/a): +90 Resolve, Upgrade to Umbra purchased from the Status Merchant in Sanctus Seru.
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  12. pariah Member

    Thanks! I've been looking for some good explanation of what stats to aim for!
  13. Enjine New Member

    Ok so I'm sat at 128k potency. Just wondered what I'm missing to get to the 135k+ potency I was told I'd need to get to be able to run heroics.

    What I've done so far is:
    1) BoL signature line
    2) Clicky and dropped start quests
    3) Have Krakalik
    4) Plat infused, I haven't done Physical or Bonus layer as I don't have any of these infusers.

    I'm training my mount and it's level 6 but all slots are empty. I missed out CD and don't really know where to get the recipes etc. Maybe there's a source of potency there I'm missing.

    Any help would be much appreciated, I feel I'm nearly there and one more push should get me over the line. Thanks.

    Oh Edit: One thing I'm a Provisioner, is there a way to get the Infuser recipes for either CD or BoL easily as it looks like I could make some physical layer infusers easily enough.
  14. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Totally. I would suggest doing the crafting quests for the Twark Goblins in Obulus Frontier, then you have to do a week or two of daily/weekly crafting quests and that gets you the faction to buy the recipe book, Bloody Tooth Provisioning Essentials and Bloody Tooth Advanced Provisioning.

    The next book is from Planes of Power, Reconstructed Planar Infusers, which is dropped by named mobs in Planes of Prophecy Heroic instances. Oddly enough, this one has no Crit Bonus infuser recipes!

    In Chaos Descending we got the book Reconstructed Celestial Infusers. This recipe book drops from solo and heroic names in CD instances.

    I personally haven't seen infuser recipes from BoL yet, so no idea where to get it.
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  15. Enjine New Member

    Thanks again Sigrdrifa. I'll be trying to get my hands on those books as a matter of priority
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  16. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    The new one is Reconstructed Empyral Infusers . It is a rare exquisite chest drop or can come from the gambled mission crates from the status merchant.
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  17. Raff Well-Known Member

    Let me add that you need to be as fully adorned as you can be. Red, blue & current whites as much as possible. Go for Crit Bonus & CB Overcap.

    And use the 8 Hour Temporary Adorns...always. Tinkers can make them. They are usually on the broker. Any gear at 120 can use the Voidpiercer temp adorns. Anything under 120 will have to use the ones from the last xpac...or veilwalker temps..I forget. (at work right now). These temporary adorns allow you to add stats over and above your normal adornments. Just right click the temp and add it to your gear..

    I keep a large stack of each temp adorn in my bag for this purpose and keep them running for everything except harvesting. The left side armor & main weapons can be fully temp adorned with CB & CB Overcap. Right side and cape will take a mix of HP & Potency adorns
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  18. Myxx <Into Harms Way> Maj'Dul

    In looking at your AA it seems like you aren't taking advantage of the Double Conversion on the Prestige Tree. It's a simple change and could net you more Crit Bonus and Potency at the same time.

    Also you might want to look at Imbued Sight and Weapon of the Mind in the Prestige (Conjuror) Tree. Once you have the double conversion in place, Imbued Sight with increase your Crit Bonus which will in turn increase your Potency more and Weapon of the Mine will convert a percentage of your Weapon Damage Bonus into Potency. Give it a try! :)
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  19. parissa Well-Known Member

    I just found this guide in the forums... Wish I would've found it long ago... Was wondering where the mount dropped... I do have a question though. The infusers. Do they have to be applied in a certain order? or can you do any of them randomly? Like do the twark ones have to be applied before the cd ones and so on? Or is it, you just apply any until they can't apply anymore?
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  20. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    You get the best results using the older, cheaper ones first. Infuse them until they won't anymore, then go up to the next level. You can apply them in any order, of course.
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