Casual guild for new to end game grouping <MajDul>

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    Played EQ2 for awhile and have never dabbled in end game?

    The Fellowship of Norrath is a new guild on the MajDul server.

    We are seeking new and veteran players who would be interested in doing end game heroic grouping. The focus will not be to raid, but to try and gear up and build on our expertise of the heroics in general. We would like veteran players who may or may not have done heroics in the past and would like to try. New players that are interested are welcome too. This is a casual guild and wont require hours and hours of grinding to compete. Those with helpful and positive attitudes are who we want!

    Crafters, questers and decorators that need a place to call home can come aboard as well. We have a lvl 131 guild hall with all the amenities. We have crafters of every profession that are max level and most that have done all the questlines.

    The expansion coming out later this year will see us going up to level 120. We would like to have some experience doing PoP and CD heroics to get ready for it. We may also visit KA heroics and old raid zones for fun.

    If this sounds like something you may like, please send me a private message here or look one of us up in game. ;)

    **we use discord**

    note : we are seeking people who know the KA, PoP and CD heroic zones that would be willing to be group leaders of sorts. Otherwise, we can all learn the strats together.
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    We have our first group and are looking to add more to the fold. Come join us! ;)

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