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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Wuvdara, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Wuvdara Guest

    Hello everyone...I'm just starting to play my necro again after a long time. I'm wondering what is the best casting order for this character. I have a TON of spells and not sure what order they should be used..or at least the most effective.

    thanks :)
  2. ARCHIVED-Ragnaphore Guest

    Depending on your reuse/cast speed/+mod/buffs/spell quality/AAs/adorns, your ideal casting order will change.
    For single target, mine is something like : Bloodcoil/send pet, Soulrot, Lifetap, Soulrot, "filler", Soulrot, "filler", Soulrot rince and repeat until mob's death.
    "fillers" in no particular order (iow depends on the situation, no point to use Consumption or Elemental Tox. when the mob is about to die) are Master Strike, Consumption, Pandemic, Bewilderment, Elemental Toxicity, Vampire Bats, Bloodcloud.
    Edit : It's not my case anymore but some necros get a better return hitting Bloodcoil whenever it's up for the 1st tick bonus rather than let it ticks, in this case : Bloodcoil/send pet, Soulrot, Lifetap, Soulrot, Pandemic, Soulrot, Bloodcoil + another fast casting spell (Bewilderment, Consumption, Dooming Darkness for ex.), Soulrot, Lifetap etc. would be better.
  3. ARCHIVED-azraelteir Guest

    I have only ever found one cast order that works for DPS on a necro, and I have used it since before we could even buff spell cast or reuse.
    I have my hotbar set up 1-6 as my primary spells (1: Pet Attack, 2: Bloodcoil, 3: Lifetap, 4: Soulrot, 5: Pandemic, 6: Master Strike).
    I start the fight with my pet attack macro, Bloodcoil, Soulrot, Pandemic, Soulrot, Lifetap, Soulrot, Pandemic, Soulrot... keep this cycling going, throw in Bloodcoil when the duration for the spell is up, just replace a casting of Lifetap or Pandemic to add it in, you can also cast Vampire Bats in the mix but its not as important all in all, just keep the cycle going. Since Master Strike isn't usable on every mob, I just cycle it in depending on the fight. If you are fighting a group of mobs and you are safe to cast it, replace Lifetap with Bloodcloud every time its up. You can throw in things like Elemental Toxicity in place of a Lifetap as well.
    With my hotbar setup I rarely ever have to click buttons with my mouse unless its a cure, heal or some other temp buff.
  4. ARCHIVED-azraelteir Guest

    Ragnaphore wrote:
    The only problem with casting Bloodcoil every time its up is if you have your Myth or Myth Buff you lose the benefit of the Splurt effect which increases the damage of every tick after the first, up to 5 ticks (I think, going from memory on the number of ticks). For best results you want to let every DoT run full course and recast once it has worn off (same goes for Vampire Bats).
  5. ARCHIVED-Hardain Guest

    Actually you don't really lose dps if you cast BC more often, but VB should run it's full duration.
  6. ARCHIVED-Ragnaphore Guest

    azraelteir wrote:
    It depends on your gear, back in TSO/early SF, 1st tick bonus on BC was greater than splurt effect - at least for me. Now with much higher potency and less +mod, splurt > 1st tick bonus.
  7. ARCHIVED-azraelteir Guest

    I will have to parse this again. I tested Bloodcoil back in RoK and again in TsO (after I got my myth), I would cast the spell, let it run the duration and stop combat, then I would cast it every time it was up, same number of ticks I would get from a single cast (I think the combat time came out to about the same, it may have been a little longer fight with single casts) and what I noticed was the full duration giving me a better return, granted it wasn't much at the time, but it was better none the less. Originally I thought the same thing, just cast it every time it was up, but I found I was losing some DPS doing so. This may have changed, its hard to say, I will post my results for sure.
    Thanks for the info.
  8. ARCHIVED-Ragnaphore Guest

    azraelteir wrote:
    I see two minor flaws in your testing. As BC doesn't tick fast (2.8 sec, 2.3 with AD) you can "skeeze" a couple more ticks per min. by recasting it, OTOH it's our fastest casting disease based spell => more spells cast per min = more Lich procs.
    Anyway, it's a moot point if you raid SF (or have access to SF raid gears), with high potency and few +mod on summoner's gears, you better have BC runs its course now.
  9. ARCHIVED-Garlin1 Guest

    This xpac is all about procs more so for summoners. I never wait for BC or any dot that may not run its course, to run its course. Fly through your spells and bam dps. Procs + lich = win
  10. ARCHIVED-Hardain Guest

    Only DoT i let run it's full duration is VB, just because it doesn't proc Lich, has long cast time and the damage isn't good if you don't let it tick out.

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