Captain Veezaran in CD

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-kochanski, May 30, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-kochanski Guest

    Does anyone know a way to avoid or slow down his stifles? Our group figured out that we need to concentrate on the adds so they blow up in his face, but every time his health bar hits orange he spams stifles on the healer (aka me) and I'm left as a spectator as the wipe happens. We'd have won on the 2nd or 3rd try if the little sob would stop crawling under my desk and unplugging my keyboard and mouse. I've tried standing close, standing far standing in front and behind, but nothing seems to take away his off switch.

  2. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Try telling the tank you're stunned so he/she can use some of his death effects/stoneskins/etc until the stun wears off?
  3. ARCHIVED-kochanski Guest

    No good, I use my self clear and he re-stifles me immediately. There is no wearing off point; he can hold me like that till the heat death of the universe.
  4. ARCHIVED-Draylore Guest

    Examine what buffs he has next time.
    Short of using a stifle signet/relic there is no way to avoid it.
  5. ARCHIVED-kochanski Guest

    Hmmm, not quite the answer I was hoping for. I guess the next question to ask is if this is normal behavior for this encounter. Are other clerics being shut down completely for the last quarter of the fight or does the effect wear off for them as Mermut suggests?
  6. ARCHIVED-Trinral Guest

    Loholt@Mistmoore wrote:

    I just need to clarify... Are you a cleric, having problems with a mob that stifles?

    It seems strange, given that:

    1) Templar (cleric) gets stifle immunity from steadfast(AA), and stun immunity from the class mythical proc.
    2) Inquisitor (cleric) gets stifle immunity from steadfast(AA).
    3) All priests can obtain stun+stifle immunity from item procs.

    With such, I find it odd that you're having problems with stifle. Providing some more actual information may help your cause, such as the name of the detriment on you, and exactly what it does (do not assume, read the actual description to gain accurate information).

    I have not experienced the problem you're reporting, with either of my clerics.
  7. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    I've done this fight as a healer and never been perma stunned.
  8. ARCHIVED-kochanski Guest

    Looks like I’ll have to move a few AA points around and get steadfast and drop some coin at the city merchant. For 92 levels I’ve been able to keep myself in the game (and my group alive) just using fervent faith. Guess I need to get with the times. Thanks all.
  9. ARCHIVED-Draylore Guest

    I can't recall the exact iteration and duration numbers but the buff Veezaran has says something like "..any opponents have a chance every X sec to get uncurable that stifles them for Y sec.".
    Y is much smaller than X so.....short of it being bugged somehow, there is no way to be perma stifled like the OP describes.
    Prety sure its every 15sec and stifle is for 3sec.
  10. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    Is the a HM or Raid version of the named?
  11. ARCHIVED-milaae Guest

    it's in the Heroic version.
    MY problem with it is suddenly BAM everyone takes a huge health hit all at once, Loholt gets his stifle time-out, and it's just a quick clean up after that.
    there is some emote that says stand near the pillar for safety (which seems like it's right beside the Captain)...what does that do? doesn't seem to keep us safe.... :/
  12. ARCHIVED-Darkholis Guest

    EM strat:
    1- DPS on named until adds start poping up
    2- Kill adds until named reach 15% health (yes, each add remove a big chuck of HP)
    3- Finish the named
    4- Enjoy the loot

    HM strat: (about 650k+ required)
    The key for this fight is to kill the adds fast enough to always be covered by the bubble (column)
    1- DPS on named until first add pops up
    2- Kill all the 4 adds (4 adds total during the fight) Each time an add dies, it pops a bubble. You NEED to stand in the bubble or you'll be one-shotted by the named (it's called ...... Spike, massive trauma dmg) , no matter what's you gear.
    3- Finish the job
    4- Enjoy the loot

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