Can't log in using free account to post here

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Ostuck, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. Ostuck New Member

    I logged in today and sent out overseer agents. Then I go to log in again and nothing is working, I can't log in say log in is wrong NO WAY IS IT WRONG! So I put in to change my password and still after changing it say NO BAD PASSWORD! So can't get help unless I log in see the problem I CAN'T LOG IN!!!! So I go to my free account so I can get help. Free account is working but my paid account I can't get help from you unless logged in so here I am writing.
  2. Bloodwurst New Member

    Join the club :(
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  3. Ostuck New Member

    Glad I am not alone so maybe it is the server thank you for saying something:)
  4. dorotea1 New Member

    Same issues as many seem to have - using an ancient account I couldn't even access before to post this. Oddly the ancient account accepts the password for my current account which I am certain was not the password I gave the account over 10 years ago when I last used it.
  5. Ssheldon1 New Member

    Same here, I got booted 40 min ago and experiencing same 'Invalid Acct' error. Sent in ticket on this old now ftp acct.

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