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Discussion in 'General Tech Support Questions' started by ARCHIVED-Jazzymine, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Jazzymine Guest

    Hello since the "scheduled maintenance" annnounced today - I am unable to access EQ2 from the launcher - I get the black SOE screen and the pointer changes to a hand but that is it - However I am able to access EQ2 directly from the exe. commmand - Anyone else having this problem?
    As I said it worked perfectly fine before the update - i have EQ2 installed on 2 drives and both launchers are not working.
  2. ARCHIVED-Flidias Guest

    I've just discovered I have the same issue, so you are not alone

    Seems I can't launch it from the .exe file either gives me an unrecoverable error
  3. ARCHIVED-Daughen777 Guest

    same here, worked fine this morning for me, now I cannot get the laugher to load
  4. ARCHIVED-Lauralanthalasa Guest

    Same for me, crashed during a rush order and now get a black screen when trying to start the game from both the launcher and the .exe, strangely enough there appears to be a flashing cursor in the centre of the screen as though I could type something there, it stays like this until I close the window or crashes entirely every time.
  5. ARCHIVED-Vaelorn Guest

    It appears to be a problem with the most recent update to the game client (02/17/2012).
    I have two different clients installed in two different folders, and after using the launcher to update the main client, I had the same problem: The game would appear to start up but would just sit there at a black screen with the hard drive being accessed constantly, and trying to shut it down through the Windows program manager took a very long time (even when trying to shut down the process directly). When I went to the secondary folder that had not yet been updated, I ran the EverQuest 2 executable directly to circumvent the launcher and it's updates, and the game started up lickity-split, just like it usually does.
  6. ARCHIVED-Vaelorn Guest

    I just copied the client executable from my secondary installation (pre-update) to my primary installation (post-update) and tried to run the executable directly, and got the same thing: constant hard drive access, black screen in the game window, and apparent game crash.

    After looking in the game folder to see which files were updated today (02/17/2012), I saw the ".DownloadInfo" text file, so I opened that up to take a look at the log and saw the following:

    **** Starting at Fri Feb 17 10:34:43 2012 with plug-in ****
    0e74-00:00:06:Checking game installation...
    0e74-00:00:07:Found 6 file(s) to update.
    08e4-00:00:07:Replacing Miles/AudioCapture.flt
    08e4-00:00:07:Replacing app_cache.dat
    08e4-00:00:30:patching clientvdl.bvd
    08e4-00:00:31:patching EverQuest2.exe
    08e4-00:00:32:patching manifest
    08e4-00:00:33:patching SequenceSound.dll
    Finished downloading 29,231,199 bytes in 28.781 seconds (1,015,642 bytes per second)
    Saved 11,283,907 bytes with delta patches
    0e74-00:00:36:Beginning asset preload...
    06b0-00:02:10:Asset preload complete
    0e74-00:02:54:Checking game installation...
    0e74-00:02:54:All files are up to date
    0e74-00:02:55:Beginning asset preload...
    05e4-00:02:55:Asset preload complete

    This leads me to believe that it is one or more of these files that is causing the error, and the most likely suspects to me are the sound file updates.
    Edit: Stupid smilies where all the ":p" should have been!
  7. ARCHIVED-Vaelorn Guest

    Okay, after copying the pre-update files (listed in previous post) from my secondary installation folder to my primary installation folder to overwrite the post-update files, I can run the executable directly from my primary installation folder and the game starts up normally like it should. Apparently it is one of those updated files that is causing this problem for some people, and while copying older versions to my game installation folder worked for me, obviously not everyone has an un-patched secondary installation sitting on their hard drive, so I'm not sure how those people would be able to address this problem short of finding some place to download the pre-patch files, and even then, I'm not so sure those files would be exactly the same for everyone since we're not all using exactly the same machines.
    Some help from tech support would certainly be appreciated by folks on this one!
  8. ARCHIVED-Kreton Guest

    I'm getting this problem since todays patch. EQ2 just crashes when I try to load. A lot of times it puts so much load on my computer I can't exit out of it properly and have to reboot my computer entirely.
  9. ARCHIVED-Bunji Guest

    Jazzsinger@Crushbone wrote:
    Not sure what would cause that, but can you try going into your install folder and deleting just these folders and then try running the patcher again:
    Note: Do not delete assetcache folder (if your are using streaming).

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