Cannibalize Astral-Gloom Hardened Gear

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by AvenElonis, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. AvenElonis New Member

    So I leveled the Gauntlets to Level 5. Decided I wanted the Bracers instead. Did an Examine and got an option to "Cannibalize this item and return my Astral-Gloom-Hardened Shards". I clicked this, Gauntlets went to level 1 and no Shards were returned to me ?

    What am I missing here ? Anyway to fix this (and yes I put in a bug report) ?
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  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Did you check to see if you had a partial stack somewhere else? Perhaps the cannibalized ones got added to an existing stack?
    That happened to me once.
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  3. AvenElonis New Member

    Had 0 Shards left in my bags before the Cannibalizing, and 0 shards after.
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  4. AvenElonis New Member

    Status: 9/7/2019 19:34 PDT - We are currently investigating a potential issue with server: Maj'Dul

    I can only hope this about to be fixed LOL.
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  5. Beee Well-Known Member


    Cannibalizing planar lv 5 items should not work.

    If you have the accountflag for 3 leveled items you will get back an unleveled item and ZERO shards - because they did not cost any shards
  6. AvenElonis New Member

    I had just leveled my 3rd piece, got the flag for all accounts. The 3rd piece was the Gauntlets. So I had just spend 270 coins for 270 shards to level it. (This is my main account). Then I decided oh I wanted the Bracers instead.

    I was not doing this on alt. But I get what you are saying, if I had gotten a "free upgrade" piece on an alt and cannibalized it, I would not expect to get shards back.
  7. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Now that you've unlocked 3, you don't NEED shards any more. Get a different armor piece, examine it in your inventory and it will level.
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  8. AvenElonis New Member

    That is how it suppose to work. I had leveled the 3rd piece, got the message of the unlock. But in this case, I cannibalized the 3rd piece, so now I only have 2 fully leveled pieces and still need a 3rd to get the unlock.

    And yes I had examined the 3rd piece to see if I could "relevel" it due to the unlock, and it is telling me I have to level a 3rd piece to get the unlock.

    I think this is a bug and the intent was to get your shards back on the first 3 pieces, in case you wanted to change. But because this was the 3rd piece - it would appear I lost 270 shards.

    BTW - I do appreciate the messages and all.
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  9. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I have heard that you don't actually get shards back in inventory, but that it counts them if you try to level the new piece/
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  10. AvenElonis New Member

    Sigh, ok I was able to re-level the 3rd piece to 5, but right clicking and examining. No shards in inventory. Thanks all for the help. Hopefully this discussion will be of use to others.
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