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    Hello, fellow adventurers! The Nights of the Dead is almost upon us and with it a new quest and new achievement! Your sweet tooth is sure to be happy with the new Candy Crusher achievement. I’m just happy for the Bonecraft Chandelier, the reward for completing such an achievement! But let me cut to the chase. I wanted to write up a guide that would help you guys get as many of the candies as possible in the least amount of zones. After all, there are a whole 28 you must find!

    So here’s the sugary details: you must LOOT or receive from the upgraded pack pony one of each of the 28 NotD candies. Simple, right? More or less, yes. But some mobs you may find difficult to find. Below are some hunting hubs and individual locales that will glean you a good variety of candy. First I will list each mob type and which candy comes from it, so you’re familiar with the list.

    Bats give Gumdrops =
    Cubes and Flesh Feeders give Candy Corn
    Devourers give Taffy
    Gargoyles give Jawbreakers =
    Ghosts give Marshmallows =
    Ghouls and Zombies give Gummy Worms =
    Goblins give Chocolate Buttons =
    Golems give Nutty Chocolate Bars =
    Gorgers give Cherry Gumdrops
    Gremlins give Gum Balls
    Harpies give Fruit Flavored Hard Candies
    Lamias give Green Chocolate Buttons =
    Mummies give Cotton Candy
    Nightbloods give Red Licorice =
    Rats give Jelly Beans =
    Scarecrows give Lollipops
    Scorpions give Chocolate Bars
    Shadowed Men give Licorice Candy =
    Skeletons give Peanut Brittle =
    Snakes give Caramels =
    Spectres and Holgresh give Fudge
    Spinechillers give Popcorn Balls
    Spiders give Licorice Rope =
    Vampires give Chewing Gum =
    Wolves give Cupcakes =
    Werewolves give Were Cupcakes

    Pack ponies have been confirmed to bring back candy corn, cherry gumdrops, chocolate bars, chocolate buttons, cupcakes, gumdrops, gummy worms, jawbreakers, lollipops, peanut brittle, and were cupcakes (a total of 11 candies)

    For those of you who do not have an upgraded pack pony, despair not! There are many places to get your cavity-prone loot! Let’s begin our guide.

    As an extra note, I would recommend you use a higher leveled toon for this achievement. Due to the “must loot” requirement, you will have significant trouble with some of the more exotic monsters, such as Mummies and Devourers. Since they must be killed, you cannot just fly in, harvest, and fly out (I wish…).

    The Graveyard (Difficulty: Newb!)

    This early zone is easy to get to. Either take theFreeportcity bell from the Commonlands docks or trek to its entrance at (-1390, -86, -332). No guards are at this entrance, on either side of the zone door, but avoid the entrances intoFreeportif you’re a goodie and low. Most mobs in this zone are between levels 3 -15. Since it is so small, I won’t post exact waypoints for each mob, since they are somewhat scattered and variably named.

    Here’s the list for this easy hub:
    Zombies give Gummy Worms
    Skeletons give Peanut Brittle
    Rats give Jelly Beans
    Spiders give Licorice Rope
    A few stray Gargoyles give Jawbreakers
    Bats give Gumdrops
    There is one named ghost, who could give Marshmallows

    Candy Plunder: 6 easy, 7 if you’re lucky

    Nektulos Forest (Difficulty: Teir 3-4, but mostly Teir 3)

    You should be familiar with Nektulos by now, since it was one of the original zones! Most mobs go between early 20s to mid 30s at the very highest. You won’t want your squishies for this one, my lovelies, but rather a tad stouter and stronger adventurer. Nektulos is moderate in size, so coordinates will be provided for the more distant mobs (forewarning: you will be trekking to Nektropos for some of these mobs)
    (another forewarning: I don’t recall if the Headless Horseman still roams, but if so he is level 98 epic x2, last I heard. So be on the alert of him riding in your direction!)

    - Calcified skeletons were introduced in 2013, and have an increased drop rate for Peanut Brittle. They are found up and down the coastline near the docks and spawn at your level.
    - Forestleapers are found on the extreme west and east sides of the beach. You should see them as you go to the Hedge Hollow for the maze and Setri’s quests. They drop Licorice Rope.
    - As you exit the Hidden Beach Path into the forest itself, turn sharply left and meander through the grove of trees. At about (575, 2, -529), you should be able to see shadowed men. They will drop Licorice Candy.
    - All throughout the woods from the Hidden Beach Path to the Spires, you will find Bats (Gumdrops), Snakes (Caramels), Spiders (Licorice Rope), and Wolves (Cupcakes). They are very widely distributed throughout the forest, but they are weakest here.
    - As you get to the bridge to cross the river to the Spires, keep heading straight and you will find mist grinnins, a form of goblin. As such, they will drop Chocolate Buttons.

    Now I would recommend trekking back to the docks and flying to N’Mar’s Ascent, but if you deem it a waste of time, follow the northern path (left path immediately after D’Abth Bridge) to the Ascent. Once you are there, keep following the path until the road splits into three branches. Take the right branch and follow it all the way toNektroposCastle. The entrance toNekCastleis at about (-1338, 112, -1852).

    - On the way, you’ll find some stray patchwork men, who count as Golems. You may get some Nutty Chocolate Bars.
    - You may also find decaying flesh beings, which are Zombies. Gummy Worms abound!
    - There’s a named Gargoyle called Koylinite right near the part that opens up into Nektropos. You could get a Jawbreaker if you’re lucky. But when you get to the area around Nektropos, you will find the much more common demented fiends, which are levels 29-30. You have a much better chance for Jawbreakers here.
    - There are still plenty of Golems and Zombies around Nektropos, so dig in.

    Candy Plunder: 11, yay!
    There are many variations of the mob types listed above, so if you want to wander and find other sources of the same candy in Nektulos, be my guest. I may have also missed a few, so let me know in a reply to this post!

    Darklight Wood (Difficulty: Newb!)

    Darklight is the starter zone for those who begin their quest in Neriak. To get there, either fly to the Darklight Station in Nektulos, take the druid ring from anywhere (Moors of Ykesha’s ring is close to docks) to Darklight, or sail to Neriak and exit into Darklight.

    Darklight is just as wonderful as The Graveyard and Nektulos in terms of candy variety.

    - Untamed spirits near Hate’s Envy – as Ghosts – will give you Marshmallows.
    - The dusk prowlers right near Hate’s Envy drop Cupcakes.
    - As a note, the Sablevein golems do NOT drop Nutty Chocolate Bars. How rude.
    - There are Zombies and Skeletons all over the T’Vatar Post, right after Hate’s Envy at the bridge into Neriak. You can get Peanut Brittle and Gummy Worms from them.
    - Spiders live in a cave across from the Shadow Oak. You can get tons of Licorice Rope from all the spiders here.
    - Snakes on the shores of the LowerTendrilRiverdrop Caramels.
    - Vampires up past the Nerian Highlands drop loads of Chewing Gum.

    Candy Plunder: 7

    Enchanted Lands (Difficulty: Teirs 4-5)

    The Enchanted Lands has some of the more exotic mobs we have yet to find. I won’t go over every candy you can get here, but instead will focus on the more difficult-to-find mobs from here on out. I would suggest getting common candies like Gummy Worms or Peanut Brittle in easier places.

    - Goblins are everywheeeerreee. You should find some Chocolate Buttons easily.
    - There are Lamias and Nightbloods near the Misty Grove Horse Station. They drop Green Chocolate Buttons and Red Licorice.

    Candy Plunder: 3, but exotic
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  2. Cuteypie Member

    Antonica (Difficulty: Teirs 1-3)

    Ah, Antonica, how we love thee. There is a lot here. Let me go over it really fast, as most of it has been covered elsewhere. The most important thing is the Scarecrows.

    - Snakes (Caramels), Rats (Jelly Beans), and Wolves (Cupcakes) are all relatively close to the Qeynos Gates.
    - Spiders (Licorice Rope) can be found near the entrance to Blackburrow.
    - Ghosts (Marshmallows), Zombies (Gummy Worms), and Skeletons (Peanut Brittle) are all easily found near the spires.
    - Goblins (Chocolate Buttons) are located on the northern coast near the Condemned Catacomb.
    - Scarecrows (a new one, drops Lollipops) can be found in the eastern farmlands near the McQuibble Farm (which you’ll be going to anyway).
    - Bats (Gumdrops) can be found near the entrance to Firemyst Gully.
    - Shadowed Men (Licorice Candy) can be found north of Windstalker Village (you’ll be there, too).

    Candy Plunder: 11, yay!

    Feerrott (Difficulty: Teirs 4-5)

    You actually are going very deep into the Feerrott for this one. The Cave of Fear is in the far eastern end of the zone and houses the entrance to the Shard of Fear, so you’ll be dealing with the stronger mobs of the zone as you are close to the Temple of Cazic-Thule. Anyhow, take the horse from the docks to the Dread Basin Station, or just fly there if you have the ability to. The Cave is directly across the lake.

    - You will encounter Spectres (Fudge), Spinechillers (Popcorn Balls), and Scarecrows (Lollipops) in the Cave.
    - The horror hounds will also drop Cupcakes :D

    Exotic Mobs

    Okay, now for the mobs we haven’t looked at.

    Gremlins, or Imps, (Gum Balls) can be found in the Loping Plains.
    Werewolves (Were Cupcakes) can be found in Loping Plains.
    Gorgers (Cherry Gumdrops) can be found in Loping Plains.

    Mummies (Cotton Candy) can be found in Sinking Sands.
    Scorpions (Chocolate Bar) can be found in Sinking Sands.

    Harpies (Fruit Flavored Hard Candy) can be found in Steamfont Mountains.

    Cubes (Candy Corn) can be found in The Thieves’ Way.

    Devourers (Taffy) can be found in Jarsath Wastes.

    What Does This All Mean?

    You can go find these things your own way. I’m just giving you decent zone groupings so you don’t have to look everywhere to find these mobs. Here is a good way to get them all:

    Pick up the NotD quests. While you are in the Loping Plains, get a Were Cupcake, Gum Ball, and Cherry Gumdrops, as well as Candy Corn from “a stoneskin gargoyle”. When you go to Nektulos, nab some Licorice Rope and Peanut Brittle from the spiders and skeletons on the coast. Fly to the Ascent and run to kill some patchwork men for Nutty Chocolate Bars and demented fiends at Nektropos for Jawbreakers. Call to Home and then sail to Antonica for the Ghost Hunter quest. While there, nab some Caramels and Jelly Beans, and then fly to the Steppes Station and kill a wolf or two for Cupcakes, a scarecrow for Lollipops, and some Shadowed Men at Windstalker for Licorice Candy. Run to the Spires and beat up some ghosts and zombies for Gummy Worms and Marshmallows.

    You now have 15 candies – over halfway there!

    Take the Spires to the Enchanted Lands. Take a horse to Misty Grove, get some Red Licorice and Green Chocolate Buttons, and then ride to a goblin-infested station to nab some Chocolate Buttons. Ride back to the dock and take the ring to Steamfont. Nab some Fruit Flavored Hard Candy and then take the ring to Darklight. Run up to the Nerian Highlands and get some Chewing Gum, and then backtrack to the Lower Tendril River for some Gumdrops from bats. Run back to the ring and take it to Jarsath Wastes. Get some Taffy and then take the ring to the Feerrott. Take the horse to Dread Basin and get Popcorn Balls and Fudge. Now Call to Home again and sail to Sinking Sands, where you will get Cotton Candy and Chocolate Bars.

    And that’s all 28 candies! I hate to say it, but there is no easy or simple way to do it. The pack pony can cut some steps out for you, if you have that advantage. But the Bonecraft Chandelier looks really cool to me, and you can buy as many as you want from the NotD merchants after you complete the achievement.

    I hope this was helpful – I know it seems messy and all over the place but mobs are just kind of like that! Do whatever is good for you. As you can see, I loved the Graveyard because of its mob variety but didn’t include it in my final plan. Please use this guide to make your own plans or follow those listed here. I just wanted to compile things so you didn’t have to!

    Ta-ta, and have a sinfully sweet Nights of the Dead, my darlings!

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  3. mouser Well-Known Member

    Bumpy bump for the nicey guide!
  4. Xirena Member

    Is anyone else having an issue getting mob-dropped Candy Corn to update the achievement? I have gotten 3 mob-dropped Candy Corns, and none of them updated the Candy Crusher achievement. I filed bug reports and a petition, but am curious if anyone else is having trouble with it.
  5. mouser Well-Known Member

    I killed a cube in Vermin's Snye to get the candy corn and it updated fine.
  6. Cuteypie Member

    Hey guys! I'm having problems with the achievement too, but not with Candy Corn, for me it's Jawbreakers. The achievement won't update for me wgen I loot the candy. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. Darkmoogle Member

    I've gotten both Candy Corn and Jawbreaker updates. Working towards the rest right now.
  8. Xirena Member

    A GM responded to my petition and updated it for me, so if anyone's having the issue, it's worth petitioning about.
  9. Deago Well-Known Member

    Awesome guide! Good job.

    Honestly though through this entire thread all I think of is...

  10. mouser Well-Known Member

    How many here are old enough to remember watching this?

    Check those Mad Tambourine SKILLZ!!!

    Btw, I read somewhere that Betty and Veronica are going to be leaving Rivervale (maybe already?).
    I guess after what, seventy years? it's time for a change of scene...
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  11. Alenna Well-Known Member

    Imps can be found in frostfang sea Near the craiged spine. outside and inside a little cave. but their is no easy way for a newbie or lowbie toon to get all hte candies. since there ar emobs that can't befound in the lower levels.
  12. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    If the achievement is not updating try putting all candies of that type in a depot. Then try to loot again. I had this happen on a couple of the candies and once I took that particular candy out of inventory and looted a "fresh" candy the achievement updated without any more issues. I mean loot off a mob body, not from shared bank or depot.

    Nice write up :)
  13. mouser Well-Known Member

    Scorpions can be found in the Commonlands or the sewers: not sure if both or only Freeport or Qeynos - I know I saw some in one of the ones I was traipsing around in looking for those cubes. Lamia's can be found either chained with Nightbloods or you can order them a 'la carte in Rivervale.

    You're right on the need high level thing. The mummies I can't think of anyplace lower level than Sinking Sands to get. At least you can fly to them and bag them one at a time. I don't think a 6 'zerker/95 alchemist is going to be tanking one of those anytime soon though, even with Stamper. You could probably group with someone and loot the body though if you found someone willing to help - maybe working on it themselves, too.
  14. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    True, without a high level to help it is pretty much impossible. If the high level is a conjuror, then the two can group, and the conjuror call the low level to the body with the candy. Making it reasonably possible to do.
  15. Deago Well-Known Member

    I know of it but not old enough to remember the debut.
  16. mouser Well-Known Member

    Any of the races with the travel to group member bonus could do it as well, though that is much more time limited. It could work if you only needed a couple of them though - or just fly around high in the sky and come in to land on the corpse.
  17. Afista_DG Well-Known Member

    Thank you for putting in the time to make this excellent guide Cuteypie! I used it quite a bit this past weekend :)
  18. Cuteypie Member

    Hey guys! Thank you so much for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated!

    Yes, there are Imps in the cave near Cragged Spine in Frostfang, there are Scorpions in the Commonlands, and there are Gorgers (the weird bloodsucker bats with big butts) in the Butcherblock Mountains.

    Also, I have tried to delete the Jawbreakers and loot anothet, but to no avail. Since I am also a Silver member, I cannot file petitions except for transaction-based problems. But thank you for your help, guys. I hope they will fix this and some other bugs (like the Pumpkin Pulper one) next update.
  19. Laera New Member

    Don't forget the NOTD zones themselves. I've always gotten a ton of lollipops and gummy worms from the Hedge Hollow for as long as I can remember, sometimes even a were-cupcake from the last guy. I don't recall the harpies dropping candy though. Then of course I always get a ton of gum from the Haunted Mansion and for whatever reason the boss vampire drops 3 lollipops. I think I got gumdrops from a rat in the Haunted House once, and if you walk up to the zombies and kill them (instead of using the magic stone) you can get gummy worms from them too. Of course, none of the zombies in Charnel Hollow ever drop anything ever. ;/

    Also, I got my candy corn update from doing the NOTD races. (I'm curious if trading candy with the goblin converter would update it also.)
  20. Laera New Member

    My laptop hates me and I can't edit my post, but I wanted to add, in Darklight Wood I didn't have any luck at all with the snakes, however the nearby bats dropped gumdrops for me. (I did have better luck with snakes near the shadowed men in Nek.)

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