Can you Repick your TS?

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    Is it possible to repick your TS and start at lvl 1 again without making a new character? Im a 15 brig and a 17 outfitter. Somehow i allways pick the wrong TS. Ive been harvesting ore for ever and a day and ive gotten ONE count them...ONE rare ore. Ive got at least 4 Rare pelts and 6 Yarrows and Even some of the rares from the ore things but only one RAre ore...and it was Bronze...Sigh. Ive harvested more ore than anything else and got less rares from it. "Not a big deal." I tell myself. Ill just sell the rares i got and buy some of the rares i need...Ohh no. Cant do that. I picked the TS whith the most wanted rares in the fricken game and the most rare "rares". I could sell 3 rares for 1 rare i need.

    I know i wont be able to repick my TS. So now im stuck with this BS unless i repick. Im gettin screwed. Whydoes this happen. It never fails. Im just gonna slit my wrists from frustration.

    I knew i shoulda gone with an alchemist. *slaps forehead*
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    You can visit a Profession Counselor once you reach level 19 (maybe 9.. can't remember) on your tradeskill level, and it will bring you back to level 1. The Profession NPC will be located in your city's Tradeskill Headquarters (Ironforge Exchange in North Qeynos for Qeynos citizens, etc.).
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    DEEEEP BREATH! Drama Queen fit over? Good good. Now I'll tell you a story of how to change your crafting class.

    There is an NPC in each city who will let you retrain yourself down to level 9 Artisan. Profession Councilor I think they are called but I'd have to log in and make sure. Once you've been retrained you simply go back to a Crafting Trainer and choose your new path.

    Now go! Seek out this person and be all the Alchemist you can be!!

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    Thanks for the info. I just might survive this yet.
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