Can you do something to encourage people to play?

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Fulton, Jan 14, 2022 at 4:25 PM.

  1. Fulton Active Member

    This server needs some help. There is literally nothing to do except on raid nights or contested. Only a couple heroic dungeons that are soloed by certain classes, no challenge. Pvp is non existent unless a contested is up.
    Some classes need balanced like brusier,swashy,summoners, maybe some fixes have been implemented, not sure. PvP writs still havent been moved to current xpac areas....and tbh only a couple pieces are wanted. Do something radical to promote the health of this server. I would recommend a couple balance checks on a couple classes, permanent bonus xp on everything, remove lock outs on raids(if people wanna raid TnT 5 nights a week, so be it), bring in pvp writs with pvp gear and maybe even a warfield type scenario, i know some dont like that but it gives a time and place for people to go pvp instead of roaming around in loping gettting stunned and rooted non stop because there is so much trash and it blows. The server needs some help and attention, its friday night and nothing at all to do, ima play another game simply because the server is boring, i would rather play eq2 because i love the game but what am i to do, i play a there is really nothing i can do in the game without a group, but nothing to do with a group even....its raid or nothing
  2. Seth Active Member

    You know..... a Handful of individuals wanted a PvP server, and when everyone was telling those individuals it would not work... those individuals would not listen.

    Your asking for things that simply wont happen. All this server did, was take population away from the other servers for a simple quick and easy fix for cash.

    PvP will never function in this game, with so many mechanics, so many class differences and spells and so many functions.
    Especially not with half sleeping developers.

    It just won't happen.

    You could recommend many different " solutions " which to be honest don't even sound like a lot of thought was put into them, but the facts remain the same.

    The server was doomed to die, but people wanted a quick fix. It's probably Fake " Active " Meaning you see people at random times, and in zergs, but the facts remain the same, is 40-60-100-200 - 250 actually the definition of " populated "

    But hey, Give it 2- 3 years and 1/10th of people will ask for the same thing again.

    So, my advice to you, very simple. Wait a couple years and maybe 1 thing will have changed. It still won't work though, but... you might be 20% happier. or 20% less richer.