Can we please just get some basics fixed?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-nimbus2kgold, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-nimbus2kgold Guest

    Dev's apparently don't know what to do with us. I understand them not wanting to change and jack with stuff until its right and end up breaking us worse. I know there are a ton of things rangers want fixed, and I'm with everyone on all of it.
    But can we just get a few easy basics fixed in the meantime? I mean really, how difficult would it be to:
    1. Up our CA damage.
    2. Lower our casting times.
    3. Lower our reuse timers.
    And if we could get makeshift arrows to persist through death that would be lovely. And having Natures Focus go raid wide would be great too.
    I know there are tons of other things we want (flurry aoe auto ftw!) but I think most of us would really appreciate these few changes that would make a world of difference to us.
  2. ARCHIVED-akaglty Guest

    I think they will probably need to add the AE auto attack and flurry before they increase CA damage to see where we're at and to prevent having to nerf damage back later on.
    Would love to see it happen though.
  3. ARCHIVED-nimbus2kgold Guest

    As far as i can tell, aoe/flurry isn't gonna happen anytime in any sort of future. So what, were supposed to wait indefinitely?
    I'm already wavering on to betray or not to betray. That would push to the assas'n side for sure.
  4. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Honestly I would rather have the ca's upped/adjusted than auto ae or flurry, plus from what the devs say it would be much simpler to implement. We have the slowest auto attack which means less chances for it to go off. So even if it was the same for an assassin and ranger, giving flurry or ae auto to an assassin would still yield bigger gains, unless the fight was quite long and could average out better.
  5. ARCHIVED-Nevao Guest

    I can see both sides on this one, though the more I think about it I'd like to see the CA changes first (assuming they are changes being planned).
    I'd rather have the basic balance done assuming we don't have all the uber buffs and just right set of raid gear than have it be based on the assumption that we're going to be in an Illy/Dirge group with BC, the Illy AE buff and we have our AA AE buff as well. That is an important scenario to take into account, but if the best buffs possible approach is taken then there are going to be a lot of Rangers who may not see any benefit.
  6. ARCHIVED-nipxur Guest

    At this point, I think I'd be happy with something a little more concrete than just "we're looking at rangers." As long as rangers have been broken, I'd think by now they'd have at least an idea or two that they plan to implement, unless fixing makeshift arrows and stream of arrows was there big ideas.
    Can we at least get devs to recognize the specific issues we are complaining about what their intentions are for at least some of them? At this point I don't even know if the devs even agree with what the community is saying is wrong with us.
    For example we get shafted by not having flurry. Do the devs even agree with this statement? Is there any plan at all at any time in the future to ever give us flurry? or do they plan to keep us gimped? This same question can be said of the AoE autoattack.
  7. ARCHIVED-billchivers Guest

    "Can we please just get some basics fixed?"
    Next question?
  8. ARCHIVED-Nevao Guest

    nipxur wrote:
    This was covered in Beta. As I remember it there was a massive uproar over adornments that add these and the fact that Rangers could not use them with their "primary" weapon. We were told by Rothgar that he talked to Xelgad about it and Xel had ideas but we were not given a timeframe. It was our understanding in Beta that it would be taken care of and we were heard but it would be post expansion. It is a two fold issue. It's a code fix to make it proc off primary but there are also balance constraints as well. When it is put in I would be very surprised if it was the same as the melee version. My guess is that it will either have a lower damage amount or proc rate.
    Regardless even if they gave us both of these I'm still sure we'd be behind Assassins. Flurry and AE Autoattack alone are not causing the descrepencies, but they are popular to rail about becuase it so easy to point to them. Back in TSO having access to them might have balanced things out more, but now with excessive ammounts of Potency and Crit Bonus our CA's need an overhaul if we're going to stay competitive. If they are going to spend the time coding better to hit the CAs first.
  9. ARCHIVED-nimbus2kgold Guest

    Yeah, I really didn't intend on this becoming yet another "aoe aa & flurry plzkthnx" thread. We have asked for that till we are blue in the face. I think at this point, the devs might want us to have it just to shut us up.
    What I am asking for is simple. As far as I know it would require no significant code changes, work arounds, or acts of God. The argument that we do more autoattack doesn't hold water anymore. Dev's, seriously, need to take an honest objective look at us. Look at our ca's, auto attack, cast times, utility... all of it... and compare it to an assassin (our supposed brother), then tell me its fair... I dare you.

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