Can we give Swashbuckler's an ability to add a strike-through buff to the Tank?

Discussion in 'Swashbuckler' started by ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    This would give Swashbuckler's a raid and group spot they deserve, and make them wanted more so they are more balanced with assassins
  2. ARCHIVED-SgtPmpkn Guest

    This buff could hypothetically go to any class, even a raid-wide buff. Rogues have a spot in raids currently, due to their abilities.
    I think though, the focus of your crusade is more beneficial making suggestions how to make the Zerker class stand on its own, rather then them require another class to help them do what you want them to do. I dont think you're wrong in your attempt to adjust the class, I play one myself as an alt, and feel some tweaks are warranted. I do feel though some of your ideas are offbase including this one. Changes should just be made to the Zerker class itself, dependence on another class wont help Zerkers the way I think you want to.
  3. ARCHIVED-Shadowous Nightwing Guest

    Swashbucklers already have a huge slot in Raids do to there hate transfer unlike there evil counterpart the Brigand. Also swashies are not suppose to be in balance with sins since Sins are a t1 dpser and swashies are t2

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