Can we get default auto attack changed already??

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-akaglty, Apr 14, 2011.

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    I'm so sick of hitting melee CA's and the macro system lagging out, then putting me in melee auto attack. This was supposed to be fixed back before SF and Rothgar straight up said he would do it.
    Year and a half later, we still don't have a way to switch between which auto attack we want to use by default.
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    From what I see of the porducer talking they prioritize things as such:
    1. Game 'works'
    2. Stuff that will make cash
    'Quality of gaming' type changes seem to be the least of their worries, unfortunately it's one of the players top concerns. So as long as the game barely runs and people are paying money they are just going to keep adding stuff to make more money.
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    Adding my support to this thread!

    The need for a toggle has only become greater with the big lag we have had to conted with after the merges (lagging out the macro) and the increase of the melee range. Before this increase auto attack would just hang if the macro lagged out while in the sweet spot. Quickly bashing ranged auto caused a minimal delay in switching back. Nowadays if the macro lags out melee auto attack fires immediately.
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    This is one of those things that bugs the piss out of me because not only was it promised a year and a half ago, it was ready a year and a half ago. It was on Test, it was functional, it was ready to go live. The only reason it didn't go live was because people were complaining about the way it worked (whatever you started off with, ranged or melee, was what it stuck with unless you manually changed it), and they were asking for a toggle. It was pulled with the promise that as soon as the minor UI tweak needed for a toggle in the options was done, it would be put in.
    Then obviously promptly forgotten about. Seriously guys, can you put this in? I can't imagine the UI change is that much work (you've added plenty of new check boxes since), and the feature was otherwise fully implemented. It's kind've ridiculous.
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    I KNOW that one of the devs plays an assassin (knew from comparing assassin aa trees/CA's to rangers). Maybe, if sony forced him to betray to a ranger for a year, we would get this LONG OVERDUE mechanics change.
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    With GU61 and ranged auto attack being available to Wizards, maybe, just maybe, with enough whining coming from the Wizards camp about how often they're pulling mobs the tank TABS through and dying, they'll fix our ranged auto attacks too
    So GU61 will be good for us as well. From a certain point of view...