Can we get a new sticky wizard guide?

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    Ok, I know I'm asking alot from someone, but we're the only class who's sticky guide for new wizards hasn't been updated since release. I've only just come back to the game and decided to play a nuker. I came here looking for some help on AA's and basics for soloing. What quests are worth doing as I level? Where should I go? What spells are better for use in groups vs better for soloing vs better for PvP? And the all important question, what AA's should I get and which should I avoid? Now that they've reverted how you get AA's back to the way it was in EQ1 how much of my xp should I shunt into AAXP? I know a lot of this is stuff that you can learn as you go but just a rough idea so I don't completely **** myself.

    Are there any high end wizards out there with a the time and skills to write up a decent guide? I mean come on, no one could take the time in the last 5 years to update the last guide? Someone out there please take it upon yourself to help out the few of us new and returning players.
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    Well, answer in short is NO ONE WANTS TO.
    to be honest, Daray's work was really great, and he needed a very long time to do it. Doing same would take hours and hours, and this is a game, not many people are willing to spend so much time writing and very few are good enough to even think about it.

    There are 150 pages of parses, that turned long ago into showing off, even if at the very begining it was made to help understanding how group could modify your DPS, or how gear, let's quote :
    "I'd like to request as we post parses to include as much as possible info in the post, like group set up, current gear, monk and sk in raid, possibly a damage breakdown. This will make it easier for people looking back to compare."
    best answers are : get your gear information from Warlock or Coercer boards...
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    Yeah, the pain is I'm after some AA advice and everywhere I go to look for wiz AA advice the thread looks something like this:

    OP asks how best to spend his AA's
    1st poster accuses him of being ebayed
    2nd poster accuses OP of being a ******
    OP reposts something like "Jesus guys...I was just asking."
    Flames continue ad nauseum until the OP throws his hands up in disgust and leaves.

    Every other class I've looked up, someone asks about AA's and gets a decent answer. For some reason the wizard community seems to truly dislike people asking for help. I've tried this forum, eq2flames, and zam...not a fricking bit of help to be found. Downside is that I haven't played in a very long time and I just want to avoid doing something that's gonna cause me trouble later.

    I'll gladly take any help on the matter though.
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    Aalkadim@Najena wrote:
    Do this. For every spell figure out (max damage + ticks) / (casting time + recovery time). If your not sure what your recovery time is just use 0.5 seconds. This is roughly the DPS efficiency of your spells. Find the spells higher on your list and pick the AAs that improve them the most. (And cast the spells near the bottom of the list as little as possible, like Solar Flare).
    With that in mind. Most people go Sorc, Wizard, TSO trees in that initial order.
    For the Sorc tree. AGI, WIS, STR are the three people generally pick here, most of the time in that order.
    For the Wizard tree, if your over 50/65, go down the cold line first getting those and picking up Frigid Gift / Ice Shape. Then get Ball of Fire maxed out. If your under 50/65, go down the fire line instead. Mana burn is generall too situational and needs a good group or raid, and if it would do you some good you probably don't need to as here on the board for help, so I'd recommend staying away from it.
    For the TSO tree. The TSO endlines are all good: Bewilderment, Thunderclap, Hailstorm (and heat mastery). The are good enough that I would recommend respecing as soon as you have enough AAs and get them.
    For the SF stuff, Focused Catalyst, Mental Recovery, Mental Acuity, the end Blast of Devistation, Ball of Fire, Firestorm, and Firey Blast are good starting choices here.
    At low levels (and later levels too), 10 points Magi's Shielding can provide a very nice self ward.

    For PVP pick all the defensive buffs you can and look into the STA line in the Sorc tree

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    Awesome! Thanks for the help. I've been digging for help for days...