Can the monuments even be finished?

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Cusashorn, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Moss Active Member

    ok, just made a kick check in Antonica on AB, some players craft seems to gives 0.075%, some 0.036% and others gives only 0.013% (no one was crafting on Commonland on AB), while it seems to always gives 0.001% on Antonica on Thurgadin (and Commonland)

    so strange
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  2. Moss Active Member

    I start to understand on AB each craft seems to gives 0.0355% (don't know I have seen some craft gives only 0.013%)

    but players could craft 1, 2 or 3 different items and gives back the quest, in that case % goes by x2 or x3, that could explain why some players get 0.075% each time they talk to the npc

    I did the same test on thurgadin and get 0.003% for all 3 items, but I get only 1 reward, so it is not very interesting
  3. Mosk New Member

    Thurgadin seems bugged....Commonland monument did this the whole evening
  4. Moss Active Member

    each hour crafting seems to go up automatically, additional to craft xp

    on Thurgadin xp have just gone by about 0.2-0.3% on commonland, at the same time xp have gone up by about 3% on antonica
    I was on Antonica on AB and it also have increased by more than 3%, allowing them to jump to level 2
  5. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Each of the three different recipes that you are given increases progress by a different amount, based on the rares used.

    The all-class Regal Monument Paint uses all rares, so it gives the most progress boost.
    Your subclass recipe (outfitter, scholar or craftsman) uses 6 rares, so gives the medium progress boost.
    Your class-specific recipe uses only a single rare in the primary, so gives the smallest progress boost.

    This is part of why you're having issues figuring out numbers vs progress.

    And yes, if you don't need the faction, and don't need the rewards, then making all three of your possible combines at once (1 each of all-class, subclass and class-specific) and handing them in together is the easiest way to go. You get the proper progress for all 3 bits, but only the faction and reward as if it was a single combine. This also saves space in your bags if you're having issues with all the mount gear, as you're only getting 1/3 of that gear. :)

    If this is as clear as mud, scroll down to near the bottom of and look at the recipe chart. I broke it down so it should be easier for you to see which recipes you will get for your crafting class, and what ingredients they use.
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  6. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Every turn-in I've done has given about 0.003%. I'm just glad to be seeing progress.

    Also, swapping between 7 characters to constantly harvest is very tiring...
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  7. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    I swap between 16 over 2 accounts on Test during the rare times we can get enough bodies to take down the dragons
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  8. Moss Active Member

    We did a check on all servers yesterday and they all get different experience for each craft, most probably based on the number of active players on each server. It goes from 0.001%-0.003% on Thurgadin to a maximum of 0.075% on AB, the second lowest server was giving an average of 0.006% per craft.

    I don’t mind time gate and giving a boost on low population servers, but I’ve done hundreds of craft on Thurgadin and feel the current % is too low to even gives players any kind of accomplishment pleasure.
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  9. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    The biggest problem I see here is the greed and laziness of most of the people attending the dragon events.

    For one thing, most of the kite events are only part of the fast platinum and on the other hand they are relatively easy to get a good mountgear.

    The people who really make the effort and then work on the monuments are few. Their problem is that they simply can not gather enough resources to keep building going.

    The greedy put the resources for squat into the broker, so I've spent more than 1,900,000 platinum units in order to have more resources available for advancing the monument. This is enough for a maximum of about 25% of a level of the monument.

    In the end, the progress that only a few have worked out and in turn will be of use to all, if that's enough for us to do, otherwise everything was for nothing, especially since you can not do anything with the T1 re-credited rewards. You can not sell them once and just destroy them in the rewarded amount. It would be nice if you could at least sell it to the NPC or rip it up for resources or exchange it for ressources by npc.

    It would be better if only those who work for the monument would benefit from it. If you eg. which would need the low T versions to upgrade to higher "tier" versions. Thus, the significantly more people would participate in the construction. (here a showing of the end rewards T6 [e.g. celesital versions or so, who knows it] should be an help)

    Furthermore, it would be good if the crafters for the monument had a "base pool" of resources available to not rely on the greed of other people if they want to advance the monument.

    For example, a resource box that fills up automatically for each kill of a dragon, which the people at the monument can not extract but use for crafting. Similar to the guild hall resource boxes.

    If all participants (100+ peoble) of a PQ would craft only 4 parts after a 4 zone PQ round. this would yield at least 1% to 2% per round at the monument. Unfortunately, there are usually only 1 to a maximum of 10 which I have seen so far.

    The greed of the people is inexhaustible.

    ps.: Thx for the changes, with the porter on the qeynos monument site and the more viewable dezimal percent steps, Gninja
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  10. Moss Active Member

    many thanks for the fix on Thurgadin
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  11. Luziana Member

    Did the Antonica monument craft on Thurgadin and got .001% per turn in.
    The material requirements for the crafts are to high.
    I am crafting and have to pay millions of plat to other guys who sell their harvests to make worthless items that i also have to destroy ... something is wrong here! I am so not motivated to go on this way.
    Please raise the progress rate.
    Please raise the amount of the harvested material.
    Please make the crafted items worth something - at least let me sell them to a merchant.If i have to pay minimum 100 platin for one component of the craft to a somebody who sells them - (i know thats very cheap - dragon scales go for 2k plus platin) - then i feel not happy if you "reward" my effort this way.
  12. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    You don't have to buy the materials, just go harvest dragon bodies after the things are killed. You can even run ALL your alts through and have each one harvest the dragons until the corpses despawn. You do not have to participate in the dragon kill to harvest.
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  13. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    For one thing, you're certainly right, it's possible with many twinks to collect the dragons in the first versions of the 4 zones.

    However, the kites are distributed spread over 1.5h, so it usually takes the same time to collect the resources. Doing that with as many characters as possible may be possible, but it is a very annoying matter.

    In addition, it can not be the purpose of the game to do as many chars as possible to log on and collect resources, this is possible, does not mean that this is so intended.

    Furthermore, it costs as already mentioned the same time in which you can do nothing else. So, if you do not have the whole day to log from Char to Char throughout the day to gather resources, but prefer to craft and advance the monument, you only have to buy the resources and the necessary amount of the greedy and lazy ones.

    Those who really want to advance the monuments throw the greedy and lazy ever their hard-earned money into the throat, so that it continues with the monuments. Even if it does not really make sense, because possibly at the end of nothing meaningful comes out. Nobody knows that, except the developers.

    Only if nobody does it will not be fast enough. For the currently apparent mechanics, the resources one can achieve with one person are simply not enough to make the monument meaningful.

    Others simply sit back and wait, in the end when there is something good and better rewards appear, they suddenly join in and the hard-working ones are the stupid ones, having spent all their time and a lot of platinum for it to be realized.

    So it´s an win win win situation for the greedy and lazy => nearly no effort to kill the dragons, sit back and wait what comes, take all the platinum from other players who work for the Monuments and goes rich by o nothing, take the momentarly best mount equip for kill the dragons in half afk style und if there comes better rewards join in and take it.
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  14. semisus Well-Known Member

    For some reason on AB the antonica monument went back to 0% of lvl 2
    Yesterday when i last checked it was at 24% towards lvl 3
  15. Rhyanna New Member

    Same thing on Skyfire - progress to Stage 3 has been reset to 0%, and combines are not increasing the progress percentage.
  16. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Oh, no. Park all your alts... and they don't have to be twinks, they can be fairly low level toons! At one spire, usually whichever one is the start of the day's rotation. Then go to your dragon-killer toon, and kill four dragons, harvesting each with the dragon-killer as you go. In the big gap between dragon rounds, cycle through your alts, have them each harvest the dragons one right after the other.
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  17. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    You just need a gathering skill of 11 to collect the rare harvests. Get an alt up to level 3 and hit up some root or a shrub first and you'll be fine.
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  18. Tkia Well-Known Member

    And this camp, harvest, camp, harvest routine is supposed to be fun?

    I tried Commonlands yesterday. A round of 4 dragons gave me enough harvests for a mere 3 quest items. The rewards gained were all level 110 items and CD required. As none of my characters on any server are 110 or ever likely to be that makes the rewards totally useless. Progress on the monument at that speed is almost non existent and hardly makes a body feel as if they are contributing.

    Which leaves doing it as a faction grind for merchant items. Yet another faction grind? No thanks. The merchant items simply aren't worth the tedium required to earn them. I'm done with this I'm afraid.
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  19. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    Really? That's too bad. :( I guess not everyone likes the same events, then. I've found some events in the past uninteresting, but the dragon attack event I'm having a blast with. I'm earning the dragon illusion on every character that I can (and I have a LOT of alts), and I love the loot that comes with it. Even with my low level alts I don't cavil at the 110 merc no-trade armor; I figure that *eventually* they'll get up to 110... even if it is several years down the line.

    I don't know that I'll ever even use the dragon illusion, but it's fun to have it, just to have it. :)

    I also find the battles fun and exciting. Sometimes they're frustrating if people don't follow the strats (like tanks who INSIST on taking aggro in Loping Plains, even though they have no clue that they're supposed to turn the dragon), but most of the time I enjoy the challenge of them, and the way everyone generally cooperates with each other on them.

    The fights are also REALLY good for leveling up low level alts. While the exp isn't as much as the puppets are, it's pretty close, and the battles aren't just exercises in tedium.

    In all of the battles that I've done, I've accumulated multiple stacks of each of the harvests, and eventually I'm going to do more of the crafting quests. Although most of my characters are "good" I've been doing them in Commonlands (I really don't understand the competitive spirit that everyone has in this), just because the Antonica monument was originally so inconveniently placed.

    I've been harvesting almost every dragon I've fought (except when dragons have been spawning simultaneously; then it's go from dragon to dragon to dragon without pause), so I've got a LOT of harvests in my shared bank. I suppose I could sell them, but then some people would accuse me of being "greedy" for selling the harvests on the broker. :rolleyes:

    So frankly, I've found this event particularly exciting and energizing. That isn't often the case for me and non-seasonal events. :) And I'll get around to doing more of the crafting... eventually... once all my characters have the dragon illusion. :p
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  20. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    That i have not meant.

    To log in, say we 20 alts or twinks, you need also time, if you not have 20 different accounts, which can loged in all at the same time, so you have to log from char to char.

    Camp from char to char needs approx. 2 minutes, them collect and then camp to the next. if you must change aditionaly through the 4 zones it need more time and if you place the ressources in the bank needs the next time so you have a minimum of 20x approx. 4 minutes per char per full 4 zones round and that only if all dragon are slayn in a smal time window. So you have nearly 100 minutes to collect the ressources with 20 chars / alts what ever, without an break log through.

    One one hand the corpses not to long lay there so them despawn before you have logged all through, on the other hand the dragons never killed in a smal time window.

    The ressources you collected this way in one round reach for maximal approx. 20 minutes crafting. So its not very practicable.

    And this most importend thing, i play the game to play the game and not to log from char to char, to reach the needed ressources. This is possible thing but never an intention from the developpers.
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