Can the monuments even be finished?

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Cusashorn, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    The monuments being built in Antonica and Commonlands-- Can they even be finished in the time the Dragons Attack event is taking place?

    The dragons require numerous high level players to take them down... and while they're not difficult, they are damage sponges who still take some time (and special mechanics) to kill properly. Any player is allowed to loot a finite amount of harvestables from their corpse, but risk the game crashing because 100 players and their 2 dozen pets and mercenaries concentrated into one specific location risks that, apparently.

    It's Day 2 of the event, and Maj'Dul has only made 0.1% progress to making it to stage 2 of the build.

    Half a year after the game launched, the griffon stations were built in Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest. The built event was finished within a couple of hours on most servers, long before the majority of the playerbase could get home from work to participate. Sony learned their lesson by making things require more effort for the server to complete.

    Way back in the day, I helped construct the wizard spires and the druid rings on Kithicor. In both cases, there were all manor of ways to help advance the construction. Quests to kill enemies, quests to gather harvestables off the ground, and quests to actually tradeskill components.

    For the wizard spires, servers learned that a dragon would attack at the spire that was just completed. *Proudly wears the "Destroyer of Ordanach" title.* This gave everyone motivation to complete the spires in a timely fashion.

    The druid rings started off with a good pace. Everyone was excited to get the druid network up and working. The construction of the Commonlands, Nektulos, Butcherblock, Enchanted Lands, Zek, and a few others went pretty fast. Things started to slow down by the start of the Sinking Sands. People were already losing interest and moving onto other stuff. Loping Plains only had a few dedicated workers 'round-the-clock to help complete it.

    I pretty much single-handedly worked day and night to construct the Stonebrundt Highlands druid ring because nobody cared anymore at that point.

    I'm pretty sure that the monuments will NOT be finished by the end of the event. It'll just have to be auto completed by the devs if they don't reduce the requirements to complete it.
  2. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    They will pick up speed as event goes on (server reads the progress and adapts % gained depending on week event is in)
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  3. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    End of day 2 on Maj'dul: 0.4% complete.
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  4. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    I've been killing the dragons and getting a lot of the harvests, and plan to do a bunch of crafting all at once, and it's possible that others are doing the same. It was a little discouraging at first to find that killing four dragons only netted me enough to do a few of the crafts, so I felt that I needed a bunch more before starting those again.

    It might be that most people are waiting until they have fairly decent sized stacks. Of course, you might be right, and it might be that even as we get halfway through the event that only a tiny bit is done, in which case they may need to rethink the difficulty levels. It's entirely possible/probable that there are some people who only care for the illusion, and won't bother with anything else, because there's not really much in it for them after that. Anyone who is completely F2P and doesn't have anything beyond AoM/ToT/KA won't care about either the merc gear or the barding. Those players will probably stop after they gain the achievement and the dragon illusion, and may not bother with any of the crafting.

    Any players who want the nice bardings and merc gear will keep killing the dragons, but the drops from the crafting aren't that great, and so far as I've seen, don't include the merc gear at all. You can correct me if I'm wrong on that; I've only done the crafting quests about four times, so don't have a very large sampling.
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  5. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    Thought I would add: After doing quite a few of the crafting quests, I am no longer interested in them. They don't take long, but the rewards, quite frankly, are crap compared to what you get from the dragons. Why would I bother with these when:
    1. The barding you get is crap (there don't seem to be any merc rewards at all)
    2. The barding you get is heirloom, no value, no transmute, etc, and the stuff you get from the dragons is not only Fabled, but fully tradable
    I just don't see ANY reason to do the crafting quests. I'm still going to harvest - on the off-chance that they may offer recipes for house items or something using the drops - but the crafting quests... pfft. They aren't giving us any real incentive to do them.
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  6. Gninja Developer

    The further the event progresses the better the rewards get.

    As far as the not progressing very fast... The event was designed to go for a few weeks. As you can imagine some servers progress faster than others so in a long event some servers might not finish. This should not be the case for this event. It has built in a check for how much time is left and how much progress is needed and it is constantly adjusting progress numbers to keep it leveled out and allow the event to finish regardless of population size. Though if no one is turning in quests the numbers being adjusted won't matter. :)
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  7. echoing Member

    i think the concern is that everyone is saving mats and waiting for everyone else to lvl it up so they get good rewards. where the people that are lvling/progressing the event get shafted. why wasnt it something like complete 50 turn in and get bumped up to the next reward lvl, or have rewards related to faction tier. 0-10k faction = t1, 10-20 = t2 ect, and have it where you stop earning faction from dragons at say 20k mark so people have do quest to lvl faction and help progress the event. it rewards those that do the crafting from the start.

    the way you make it sound the 20 or or crafts i did day one was just a waste of mats and i should have waited for it to get towards the end.
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  8. Gninja Developer

    Never know with stuff like this. Sitting back and letting others do the work might not be the best option :) That's all I am gonna say. We can't spell everything out.
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  9. Beee Well-Known Member

    Thurgadin Commonlands - Stage 2: 0,7%
    nop this event is just not working as expected

    At the moment it's just much more usefull to spend the time at the Dragon events
  10. echoing Member

    I just give up man, this just shows like my last few post in other threads are right. that you guys dont care and there is 0 communication from devs is true. Holly stated in the recent interview "...especially on such an important franchise is that you trust the team and you trust the players, so we’re constantly evaluating the players thoughts and input." and clearly that just isnt true.

    we dont want everything spelled out. we dont want 100% the details of how the event works or what the rewards are, we just wanted a simple question answer. it can be something that is just a yes or a no for all that matters. is crafting now worth it? based off your first answer "The further the event progresses the better the rewards get" it would be a no. history also shows this to be true with every other event you guys have ever run it waiting has been the best choice, but hey sorry we voiced out thoughts and input. and what makes it worse is the 2nd answer you give just gives you 100% plausible deniability. you try and encourage people by staying "oh it[waiting] might not be the best option/never know with stuff like this" so when we do get the short end like every other single event that has ever happened and then come complain or feel wronged. all you are going to say is "well all i said is you never know. i never made any promises blah blah blah".

    all that being said, i know you guys truly care about this game, that i have no question over. 15 years strong of eq2, 20 years of eq1. through all the good and the bad the game is still going and i know it is because you guys care, if you didnt the game would probably have shut down by now. it is just so frustrating the level of communication between the players and devs now, it is like pulling teeth. we dont have a date for xpac still, people seem to not care about the event because people are selling mats on the broker because for all we know just wait and hope we get to the top rewards in time. class balance which is something year after year after year we want gets scrapped a few days before xpac release. people are frustrated AA need a serious overhaul because 90% of them are useless. but we know nothing, hear nothing, and just hope for the best and guess that is all we can do.
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  11. Udonn Active Member

    I was gone last week, and trying to help here now. Am I missing something, or is the only crafting help one repeatable quest over and over and over? 3 items I can make as a jeweler, but just that one quest. Is there anything else where crafters help in the event?
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  12. Benito Well-Known Member

    Will there be ultra rare mythical rewards (compared to the dragons)? I think you should add a chase item regardless of the tier to incentivize players' tradeskill effort.

    I didn't see this thread but this is my suggestion:
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  13. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    No, that's the quest. Wouldn't be as bad if they didn't burn through dragon mats as fast as they do.
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  14. Sylvermune Member

    I second a lot of the above concerns and would like to add that the initial mount is not only not as useful as dragon drops BUT is overflowing my inventory and I started with 2 empty 66-slot bags. At least make them stackable so I can destroy them in one fell swoop.
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  15. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm crafting. But why on earth are the crafting rewards not HEIRLOOM?
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  16. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    I can't possibly imagine that anyone thought monument crafting would only "go for a few weeks" at the current progress rate. As I stated elsewhere and others have repeatedly commented on this, mechanics for completion are not meeting anyone's expectations. And the rewards for currently participating simply don't encourage it. Sorry, but when you suggest rewards 'will get better as the event progresses, keep in mind most people have confirmed they pretty much suck compared for what you earn killing dragons. Or put another way, if I mow yards for a living and I can get a can of dog food as a reward for one person's yard and a nice steak at another, who's yard is going to get mowed? This is simple human psychology folks. Not trying to insult anyone's intelligence and I'd like to see the monument done, but the current reward system in place just isn't designed to make that happen.
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  17. Balcerak Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I spent a couple hours crafting monument items and the meter went from 0.3% to level 2 to ummm 0.3% to level 2. That isn't encouraging. Crafters want to see at least some impact from their work.
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  18. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    Its a little bit unfair with the Monuments Gninja. In commonlands (bad site) it is direct on the port point and in antonica (good site) you fly nealy 2 minutes to reach the Monument, so it is clear that the peoble build more in commonlands as in antonica.
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  19. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    Same with the Darathar puppets for Heroes' Fest. The Antonica one is waaaaay inland (not near spires or druid ring even), and the Commonlands one is a quick hop from the docks. Because of it, people are more likely to skip the Antonica one, and do the one in Commonlands instead.
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  20. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    Thats an good intension, @Gninja, how are it with more displayed dezimal steps to see what the work brings, if it is so slow, man should see an change in the displayed percentage numbers.

    So it was not to frustrating and this cannot be a big problem to display this. 0,0xxxx% from stage "xy" as example.

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