Can someone post AA builds or update Sticky?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Lve2raft, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Lve2raft Guest

    Hi All,
    Looking for some AA builds with the new expansion AA's considered. The sticky above seems like a good way to go, but it does not seem to consider the expansion.
    Ideally looking for something that gives the order in which to obtain the AA's. Looking for solo spec and raid/group dps spec.

  2. ARCHIVED-Davngr1 Guest

    Lve2raft wrote:
    sadly the necro forum is as broken as the class it self. necros have ben asking for stickys on many threads and falling on deaf ears.
    Kos and EoF have not changed since that thread was made so those will still be acurate. TSO seems to be pretty straight forward.
    for dps start with roting line(EoF)> STR(KoS)> INTorAGI(KoS,depending on pet you like to use)> hearty constitution(TSO)> enchance mind(TSO)> strike of the mage(TSO)> master strike(TSO)> bewilderment(TSO)> gravecalling( EoF, 5/3 pints mage scout, 10 points limited pets)> blood pact(EoF)> minions critical strike(TSO)> weapon mastery(TSO)> minions mark(TSO)> finish off gravecalling(eof)> WIS(KoS)> finish off TSO AA when you have 170+ and then continue filling out less important AA with extra points you have left over.

    im not a conventional soloer(don't use my tank pet much) but i would say tained heals(EoF) > STA KoS> WIS(KoS)> grave calling(EoF tank pet mitt)> rottingEoF> hearty constitution(TSO)> enchance mind(TSO)> runic protection(TSO)> shadow step(TSO)> bewilderment(TSO)>STR(KoS)>minions constitution(TSO)> sumoners soothing(TSO)>pet weapon mastery(TSO)> Minions mark(TSO)> minions critical strike(TSO) once you have enough AA fill out obious solo enchancing AA in the final TSO line. i can't say i solo much and when i do, it's with my mage pet but when i do use my tank pet i find that having more dps will actually hurt your pet's ability to hold agro. hope that helps.

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