Can someone get a list of all gods in lore?

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    i remember most of them there are some mentioned only once that i'm having bad salfron zek or something something zulfron zek....there's ugh....cant remember ugh i remember he was kobold? maybe or a shadow? ughhhhh where they are!!!
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    That lists *most* of them, but leaves out some of the the demi-gods and lesser deities.

    - Druzzil Ro, Goddess of Magic; plays a significant roll in the Planes of Prophecy storylines.
    - Varig Ro, God of the Forge
    - Tholuxe Paels, evil Demi-God of Lust
    - Xev, God of Gambling
    - Bolgin Serilis, brother of Brell Serilis. Doesn't reside over any particular domain, but is the actual creator of the Goblins. You get to kick his butt in Highkeep in Vespyr Isles.
    - Master Wu, ascended Demi-God of Serenity
    - Ayonae Ro, Goddess of Music; was absorbed back into Druzzil's domain to retain her own power while the gods withdrew their presence from Norrath.
    - Sullon Zek, ascended Demi-Goddess of Rage; currently one of the triumvirate of The Hounds of War who reside over the domain of War after Rallos Zek's death.
    - Tallon Zek, God of Strategy; currently one of the triumvirate of The Hounds of War who reside over the domain of War after Rallos Zek's death.
    - Vallon Zek, God of Tactics; currently one of the triumvirate of The Hounds of War who reside over the domain of War after Rallos Zek's death.
    - Rolfron Zek, ascended Demi-God of the Forlorn; A kobold who gained Rallos' attention for basically being forgotten and overlooked. He was absorbed when the gods withdrew their presence.
    - Zebuxoruk, repeatedly ascending and descending Demi-God of Knowledge; currently residing in Human form in the Isle of Mara.
    - Lanys T'Vyl, Goddess of Malice; Innoruuk's daughter, brought back to life in the Altar of Malice expansion, kills Innoruuk and takes his power in Kunark Ascending, and is ultimately obliterated by a magic nuke at the end of Planes of Prophecy. Yeah, she's dead again.
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    Well, let's ADD them to the wiki! lemme see what I can do. Do you know how these break out into Good/Evil/Neutral?
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    - Druzzil Ro - Neutral
    - Varig Ro - Neutral
    - Tholuxe Paels - Evil, despite being under Erollisi Marr's domain. The domain of "Lust" includes bloodlust. This is... actually as much information that the franchise's lore has ever described of him.
    - Xev - Neutral
    - Bolgin Serilis - technically Neutral, but he's up to no good.
    - Master Wu - Good; he was chosen by Quellious.
    - Ayonae Ro - Neutral; created by Druzzil Ro
    - Sullon Zek - Neutral (Chaotic Neutral by D&D alignments). Despite being one of the new three gods over the evil domain of War, Sullon has always held her own agendas and put herself first when she realizes she's getting a raw deal. She even sides with Lanys T'Vyl and fights against the Council of Gods during the grand battle, but she bails out when she realizes what is about to happen with the Dresolisk Crystal.
    - Tallon Zek - Evil
    - Vallon Zek - Evil
    - Rolfron Zek - Evil; there really isn't any significant lore about him. He was a Kobold who began to turn his loneliness into anger and lashed out at others because nobody ever bothered to notice him.
    - Zebuxoruk - Neutral
    - Lanys T'Vyl - absolutely Evil. She's the main villain of a significant portion of the game.

    I know there are a few more demi-gods out there. I know Tunare has an ascended Satyr that she appointed to one of her domains, but I can't remember who that is.
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    about bolgin there's one thing if he's in ethernere does that means he died? and his essence was transfered there? and he still retained his incarnation but drinal would have expelled his essence to other plane or to the void? by now?
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    Saryrn (Torment) once mortal brought to a godly status later, consumed and later returned by lanys hand.
    Ulkorruuk (Betrayal) also mortal brought to a godly status later,she dared to betray innouruuk bad deal for her and saryrn.
    Vazaelle (Insanity) other mortal brought to a godly status, didnt end well for her she got insane and was probably killed.
    Therris Thule (Nightmare) born from cazic thule liver and from quellious something something,elevated according to lanys.
    Morell Thule (Dreams) born of quellious love for horses? and cazic thule fear of horse? or maybe he likes nightmare steeds?:p
    Luclin (Shadows and Secrecy): she is somewhere in her plane now....she is the mystery.;),she knows drinal dirty secrets.
    Alliz Onu (Torture) queen of reptilles,status in eq2...unknown possibly dead.
    Kyr'Tok (Deformity) he's looks like deformed gorilla,lives in the plane of fear status in eq2...unknown possibly dead.
    Fennin Ro (Fire) tyrant of fire idk why? he looks a nice guy,wheel of elements and power,grandfather of the ro dynasty of gods.
    Solusek Ro (Sun) prince of sun and stars,considered the god of sorcery and magic possibly due to being the father of druzzil.
    Druzzil Ro (Magicks) with K matron of the arcane arts,idk about the spiritual arts possibly not her,replaced a dead goddess.
    Varig Ro (Forge) god of craft,he has a thing for erollisi marr and she knows it....:p,doesnt have any children possibly?.
    Zerani Ro (Hearth) unknown status and story...the devs need to bring her up more, possibly dead,it's the matron of orphans?.
    Ayonae Ro (Music and Arts) her status is unknown but might be alive, she is stronger than she looks,matron of bards.
    Drinal (Afterlife) there's only one drinal,one ethernere,has a deal with luclin,and possibly tunare...check the growth in his plane.
    There's more coming....
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    E'ci (Ice/Solid) she is rigid as ice and immovable as the mountains,she appears in the waters of norrath quest along the other members of water,has not returned,looks like a female gladiator.

    Tarew Marr (Water/Liquid) rules over water liquid form since it's the most prevelent form in the planet,father of love and valor.

    Povar (Moisture/Gas) rules over the gaseous form of has no physical form but it has a will...mysterious being.

    Erollisi Marr (Love/Lust) she doesnt look lustful at all ;) ulkorruuk hates/envies her,died but returned,as the hot messiah.

    Mithaniel Marr (Valor/Protection) is the chad paladin of the gods,has a weird relationship with his sister,just check the shard of love and the origin of the barbarian race,not judgement from me.

    Prexus (Ocean/Deep) is the father of all fishes,sea creatures and otter people,his avatar is currently in velious,created the psychic aberrants that switched their allegiance to cazic thule and were banished to another dimension.

    Xegony (Air/Winged Beings) looks like a giant elf with butterfly wings or maybe a very elvish fae, has a nice style,banished the aviak people for their betrayal and stripped them of their flight,they recovered that skill eventually,she grants fae's the abillity to fly with their wings and possibly every winged creature in the universe.

    Veeshan (Sky/Dragonkind) she looks bigger then norrath in her statue's depictions....and if she had actually being that big norrath would be destroyed by her claw,she ditched the plane of sky and left,her status is unknown but she is alive and exploring other worlds possibly spreading her child and creating other dragonkind possibly.

    The Rathe (Many Forms of Earth) it's twelve beings that form a council....each member represents a different form and state of the earth elemental,some members were killed during rallos zek assault to the planes of power,they cursed rallos creations along with the other gods,they eventually were cured.
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    I wasn't around when the ToV expansion was released, but I think they only included Highkeep just because it was a popular dungeon in EQ1 and they wanted a reason to include it. Personally I think they should have included it as part of Highhold Castle in the Phantom Sea, but whatever.

    First thing I notice about Highkeep is that it's not really part of the Ethernere. The living NPCs inside like Lucky the Human Beggar do not have the pale skintones that mortals who have passed into the afterlife all have, like those found in Vesspyr Isles, Obol Plains, or Eidolon Jungle.

    This leads me to believe that Highkeep is possibly one of those time-displaced dungeons like a Chronoportal. Bolgin probably isn't dead-- EverQuest's Cazic Thule and Everquest 2's Rallos Zek are both actually dead, and it's their overflowing of powers in the Ethernere that caused Drinal to ascend and almost become corrupted by it all. Whatever Bolgin is, he's still corporeal.
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    so he could always come back one day as a villain or idk something in the story
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    Sahteb Mahini (Kerran/Vah Shir Deity possible truespirit?)= there's some lore about it in the reign of shadows timeline i have to check it.

    Ehayae (Dawn/Dusk) spirit of day and night,needs more research on my part but if someone knows anything please tell us.

    The Truespirits? (Mystical/Druidic Forces) they never been directly related to growth so they are not creations of tunare but they seem to be divine at some level i need to research this too and if someone knows anything tell us.

    Brell Serillis (Underworld/Earthen Deity) creator of dwarfs,dhalgars,gnolls,gnomes,kobolds etc,enemy of veeshan,good friends with bristlebane.

    Fizzthorpe Bristlebane (Mischief/Thievery) he's the cosmic fool,infinite and full of potential, creator of halflings and bovids,lover of pranks.

    Karana (Storm/Weather) ruler of the plane of storms,loved by druids,nomads,fisherman,looks very old and wise,lost control of his plane once....check planes of prophecy there's more.....

    Tunare (Mother Nature) mother of all elf (not dark elf), creator of fairies,unicorns,dryads and many other mystical beings, her growth is found mostly around faydwer, her presence caused some faekind to evolve into the playable fae race...but they lost their abillity to fly with their wings they can at most levitate or least until xegony blessing returned their abillity to fly again with their wings.
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    the only god i worship is DBC

    thank you
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