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  1. fep906 New Member

    There's something I'm not sure on with the Alternate Advancements.
    For example: Lets' say I'm advancing my Conjurer. There's 3 tabs at the top: Conjurer, Focus Effects, & Half Elf.
    If I go to the Conjuror tab and make my selections, does that mean I can't use the other 2 also?. (focus & half elf)
    OR, are you SUPPOSED to use all 3?
  2. Melkior Well-Known Member

    Those three pages are independent. You gain additional racials and Focus based on levels. Its only your AAs and Prestige aas you have to spread across the tabs.
  3. fep906 New Member

    So it's not like I have to choose 1 out of the three, nor is it,I should do all 3. This is the only part of the game that confuses me. Theres view mode, then build mode. The you save + Committ to your choices...I never am sure if what I'm doing on these pages is correct or not. Theres been times, I'd see I have unused points, and I'd try to click on things to use them, and I'm not allowed. Other times I am able to raise the points.. Like I'd see I used for example, 4/8 points on something. And I'd try to add the other 4 points to make it 8/8, and it doesn't let me. I save what I could, close the page and shake my head, like, what am Inot doing right?
  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    You can assign points in build mode that you can't actually use yet because you haven't earned them yet.

    When you get towards end game, you will find that you have ti complete certain achievements to get AA point unlocks as well. You have assigned those points in Build Mode, but you "really" can't use them.

    This "achievements for Aa point unlocks" was a bad design decision on the part of the devs, because it's really opaque and makes it just that much harder for players truly new to the game or returning after a long absence to catch up or even figure it out. and they are STILL DOING IT.
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