can Ranger solo Heroic mobs / named and at what level?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-karimo, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-karimo Guest

    I have a ranger, he is lvl 46, i am finding it very difficult to solo with him heroic content (mobs and nameds in dungeons)
    is it my play style or is the ranger limited in the content he can solo?
    can you pls either share with me your suggested AAs / strategy for soloing heroic mobs, or let me know if i am seeking an impossible task for the ranger class?
  2. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    karimo wrote:
    You cant solo heroics in a dungeon. No room to kite. Outside however, you can solo pretty much anything that moves. If you want to solo dungeons roll a different class. Summoner, Brawler or Crusadors are good solo classes in dungeons. Rangers are probably the worst class to solo with in a dungeon.
  3. ARCHIVED-karimo Guest

    if i betray to assasin, will this help? can assasin solo in dungeons?
  4. ARCHIVED-Karimonster Guest

    You can solo heroic dungeons, but it takes a lot of work, you'll die a lot, and it takes a while to do it. Quite honestly, I didn't start trying to solo heroic instances until I was 80, so I'm not sure what you'd do at 46. Once I was 80, I was able to solo OoA, SoL, and Karnor's (which isn't an instance, but all heroic)
  5. ARCHIVED-Seiffil Guest

    Not effectively, assassins might even be worse trying to solo in a heroic dungeon than a ranger. The reason ranja suggested summoners, brawlers or crusaders is that in the summoner case they have pets who can soak up the damage, and crusaders and brawlers can take the damage while still being able to kill stuff.
  6. ARCHIVED-karimo Guest

    Seiffil@Permafrost wrote:
    so you guys suggest i drop the predator class if this is what i want?
    at the same time, any idea if other scout classes can solo heroic dungeons effectively? can Brigand or swashi do it?
  7. ARCHIVED-Pattywak Guest

    Briggs and Swashy can do it better than preds, but its still tough. With the right spec you can be a effective "tank" but the spec for it is completely different than the dps group/raid spec. I all you want is soloing, or you can get your hands on an AA mirror, then they are better than rangers or sins. If you want to solo heroic with a scout then the rogues would be the best choice but still not the best class for it. If you do it, then walk the plank is your best friend.
  8. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    If it's snareable and doesn't cast massive nukes, you can kill it.
    Vitality Breach and Fettering Poisons are your friend - which is why it's difficult to kite prior to being able to use these poisons.
  9. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    Karimonster wrote:
    If you are soloing those zones as a ranger at 80, you are in fabled with a myth. I can solo OoA as well. It takes about 40 minutes for me. Boring and tedious is the word for that.
    If the OP really wants a solo class, a scout is not the way to go. An assassin is probably even a worse solo'er than rangers as all their attacks are sneak and from behind something you cannot do when soloing. Yes, scouts can solo but can they solo as well as a class built to solo - hell no.
    If the OP wants a solo class the classes I mentioned are way better. Heck, most classes are better solo than scouts. In all, scouts are probably the worst solo'ers in the game because of their positional attacks. Brigs and swashes are better than preds but still not as good as say an SK.
    My SK is practically indestructible.
  10. ARCHIVED-kartikeya Guest

    Pretty much what Sadres said.
    No, you can solo those zones without being fabled or mythed. The hardest would be Karnors simply because it's not an instance and you have less overall kiting room, but it is possible. OoA especially. OoA will start out being long and tedious, it gets a lot faster once you understand what needs to be done. Shard of Love at 80 will always be tedious because mobs have such ridiculous levels of health in that zone.
    These are 80 zones though, apart from Shard of Love, which is accessible starting at 50, but some of the most coveted appearance items don't show until 80. The trick to soloing as a ranger is the following:
    1. Can you snare it?
    2. Can you stay out of its melee range?
    3. Does it have really nasty magical attacks that would allow it to still kill you from afar?
    4. As an addendum to #3, are these magical attacks cureable with potions?
    If #1, #2 are true, you can kill it. If #3 is true but so is #4, you can probably still kill it. Soloing as a ranger takes time, patience, and especially practice. There are other classes that can do it much better, but rangers can still solo some fun things. Obviously gear and a mythical will speed this up, but even without, it's still possible.
  11. ARCHIVED-TuxDave Guest

    karimo wrote:
    Brigands are probably the best scout soloing class but will probably die against encounters. May as well just roll an SK and play the game easy mode.
  12. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    lol SK in my guild just soloed Erudin Library. One of the easier T9 group instances. Wasn't quick but he did it.

    Even if you rolled the best solo class and set him up specifically for soloing heroic stuff, getting half way decent groups to do the same stuff will still yield better time to reward ratios.

    If you need or really want to solo that's one thing, but if your looking to approach the benefits of doing groups but doing it solo, in terms of time spent and rewards gained that's not going to happen. Especially when trying to get fast experience for levels or AA. Works out decently if your just going after loot though. Any fabled or masters that drop are yours, but if all legendary/crap drops you just spent a butt load of time for very little.
  13. ARCHIVED-glowsinthedark Guest

    Ranja wrote:
    At 80 yeah, it took forever, at 90 now OOA is a joke, clear first room, train through 2nd room and flop just short of energy wielder, kill energy wielder before he summons his first orb, then go kill boss, takes maybe 20 minutes with decent gear
  14. ARCHIVED-Shade Slayer Guest

    You can solo in dungeons unless other creatures are near. It also depends on your target. Equestrial is green to me and she's still very dangerous. Some targets will only chase you so far, so your kiting area is limited. Thsi makes it dangerous also.

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