can any channeler give me a hand?

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  1. panjinliann New Member

    im a newb channey and i DO NEED healp about some healing advice. my char like 1875res, 86K pot, 4.1K CB

    1. how does 'protect me' working? this spell casting on the pet, its mean target is my pet, when under the overload interception, will 'protect me' effect grp aswell ? the spell info is: on a successful intercept caster takes 25% of attack dmg , target takes 0% of attack dmg,. the caster meant myself or my pet? target meant grp member or my pet?

    2.feline essence. increases healing received by 3%. whats kind of healing received? mean pet's heath regen conduits spell whice working on pet only? or increase all healing spell wroking on whole grp member? whice one better between feline essence: increase healing 3% and canine essence: reduces physical dmg done to pet 2.5%?

    3.maybe is is a bug : truespirit rift, when casting this spell on tank can lead to all grp under combat effect( slow speed and so on ) even we didnt aggro any mobs.

    4. interception (both) the intercept gets weaker as the construct's health falls. when pet health fall those interception getting weak immediately or only geting weak while pets health fall down to lower then 25%?

    5.essence revival. when this spell auto casted by pet, there are no any timer or cooldown msg shows on my screen or on buff window, how can i know when this spell rdy again?

    6.why warden can healing me pet? my ingame channey teacher NPC told me pet can be healed by myself. why warden can heal my pet? i did massive combat with channey+diffirent, i found out warden can heal my pet (warden only )and HPS higher than me alot....really alots :(

    7. does doublecast DC effect my conduits spell? does channey really need DC?

    8.why pack of the fire tyrant (come from elemen AS spell, increase the caster fevor by 23. unitil cancelled) this spell not working on healing spell. whatever under this effect or not, my healing no changed. but if i under elemental avatar effect, my healing spell number get changed.

    9. im only working my healing, no dps, cuz channey dps can not beat ASN even warden, warden can do unbelievble dmg, when similar gear on with warden, why warden can do much more dmg and healing, the shaman or druids shield spell effect before intercept or after intercept?

    10. how dose thir'slaa's shell(will absorb all dmg when the amount is greater than 20% of the targets max health. but this spell casting on pet, its mean target is my pet?) working? i never seen my pet's health suddenly drop 20% when intercept income dmg.

    can somebody help me ? im so confuse
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  2. nicha New Member

    1, It protects YOU the caster from taking damage.

    2, Increases the healing received by the pet from you.

    3,Yes it's a bug, been there from the beginning I've only seen it effect the tank though not all the group.

    4, Intercepts get weaker as the pets health drop and do nothing when pet drops under 25%, keep the pets health as high as possible.

    5, It i possible to make an ACT trigger with a timer, you know if it is or isn't ready when someone dies and doesn't get back up straight away. :p

    6, Probably a bug, warden and sometimes a templar should be the only ones out healing you currently with similar stats.

    7. Doublecast effects damage conduits and damage ascension abilities.

    8, No idea, I don't have a Elementalist.

    9. DPS comes from ascensions mostly, I believe intercepts are before wards (not 100% sure)

    10, It is a damage prevent for your pet, not worth the dissonace it takes to cast or the space on the conduit bar
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  3. Lemilla Active Member

    3. It can happen that group members 'hit' the rift with an AE attack, causing them to go into PvP combat with it. It's advisable to always cast the Rift with yourself as the target (make a macro with 'g0' as the target).

    4. Intercept amounts go down when the pet goes below 75% and 50% health and stops completely when it drops below 25% health.

    6. That's a bug with the warden epic pet. It's not supposed to heal your construct, but it does anyway.

    8. No idea, didn't bother testing that spell specifically as it directly increases your fervor. Fervor buffs that only affect certain things (all spells, all attacks or things like that) will not affect your healing.

    9. Just spam barrage and count on damage procs, aside from ascension spells for damage. And wardens are out-healing you because intercepts are broken.

    10. Back in the day, there were a few mobs you could use Maximized Intercept to let your pet take all damage from a Death Touches or script fail damage on the tank, combined with Thir'slaa's shell to prevent the damage on the pet. Haven't seen any of those since AoM though, thanks to the large increase in potency and script fails being changed to scripted deaths instead of large damage.
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  4. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Reroll while you can.

    Channelers are 100% broken and unplayable as a healer [Not 100%, but its really wonky and no point in the class at this point in the game]
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  5. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Interesting observation. I group and raid with someone who's a channeler and he does extremely well with his toon.
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  6. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Oh they finally fixed them. For many of us that mained them since launch it was a slap in the face this entire xpac.

    Sadly, we rarely get to raid still as RL's want other healers that can do the same job with extra buffs
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  7. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    My only observation, and no judgment is intended, this guy plays it well and knows what he's doing. Maybe the problem is your RLs who may have limited experience actually playing with one. His intercepts on spike damage is incredible. And side dps is a bonus. Does it have some limitations--sure. But I'd keep him in a group--or raid--any time.
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  8. Lemilla Active Member

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  9. Lemilla Active Member

    Nope, I was wrong.

    The first bug (intercepts not working at all) is properly fixed. I'm happy with that.

    The second bug is still there, but a bit different.
    Intercepts now bug when you recast them (and perhaps when zoning, did not test it) while having the Mastery adornment equipped. You still have to respec your AA to fix it.
    Single target intercept amounts are now reduced from 35% to 27,8% while group intercepts are reduced from 20% to 11,1%. That is with dire essence.

    So still don't bother to use last years Ethereal adornment and all is fine. The important bug got fixed at least.
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  10. panjinliann New Member

    im come back. mu current state: 2085res, still 90K pot,4400CB
    im current equiped construct's conservastion, its orange eth,mastery adron. with reduce dissonance cost by 1000 effect. u mean this adron broken?
    and how can i fix it by adjust my AA? whice AA should i choose can fix it without unequip this adron, i really need reduce dissonance

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  11. Uncle Active Member

    the orange adron in question only effects the ability mentioned on the mastery adron not over all dissonance reduction.
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  12. panjinliann New Member

    can u have more info? whice adron broken? 100ETH token one or construct's conservastion whice i bought for free at COV?
    whice one broken?

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  13. panjinliann New Member

    can u have more info? whice adron broken? 100ETH token one whice from last summer or my current one whice i bought for free from COV?
    whice one broken>? con
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  14. Lemilla Active Member

  15. Character Member

    Chan main/raider. I am curious if the same effect occurs with the "new" 2019 eth rune. While intercepts working again when using the eth rune is great news, I stopped using the combined class rune when the issue became known. I only use the 2017 version and it seems to be holding up decently well.
  16. Blazen Active Member

    See which works best for you by picking a free one up in the library. Try it out...
  17. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    My issues:

    1) Low-level Channeler. Sorry, didn't spend $35 on it, raised it up from a baby level 1; currently below level 30.
    2) What kind of critters are in the Dire category, for getting Dire Essence from? Never heard of it. Reptile, feline, bovine, simian, rodent (badgers aren't rodents, idiot devs, they're mustelids, same family as weasels, wolverines, and other bad arses), etc., etc., etc., I get all that; never heard of Dire.
    3) I solo. I have what I consider to be a caster pet. How is my Channeler gonna survive long enough (wearing leather and taking a Templar's time to cast any really effective spell), to get to the end game, which is, apparently, the only place they have any use? If I had gotten mine at the $35 range for max levels, how would I yet have any clue on how to use one? Do the Heroic bought ones come with instruction manuals? :-/

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  18. Mhoramm Member

    The casting speed gets better at end game but it still is not super fast. Go to the wiki and look at the beast lord pet categories. The channeler essences come from the same lists the beast lord uses. Your pet is not anything like other class pets. It CAN be used to pull mobs but that's it. It is basically used to lower the incoming damage by taking a percentage of the damage into itself. It's a shield. You heal it and try to keep it's life in the green. You can use some of it's HP in the casting of some spells, and it can proc some things as it attacks but that's it.
    End game survivability is pretty good. You can pull whole solo zones. Heroic zones you can survive in but you dont do enough damage to kill anything by yourself.
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  19. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Hmm...okay, hopefully Heroic zones won't have too much else they don't have in Solo zones. ;->

    Thanks! :)

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