Camera view keeps changing when I click the screen

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Anatha, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Fixit Active Member

    Just an idea here but try changing your view keys in Options to see if that stops the mouse from interfering. Worth a try no?
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  2. Anatha Active Member

    Played on my laptop yesterday, which also runs Windows 10, and was not having the problem I do with my desktop setup. Interesting.
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  3. Kurzan Well-Known Member

    It's a particularly "interesting feature" when you're tanking a bunch of mobs, mouselook around and all of a sudden the camera spins so that you're looking up from the ground at your own crotch.

    Edit: I could have sworn that it had improved there for a while; it didn't seem to happen very frequently for a few months, but since the last few updates it seems to have returned with vigor. But thinking about it, that's also around the same time that I had updated my nVidia driver to the current version for Windows 10.
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  4. AnotherForumName Member

    I have this exact problem and it makes the game nearly unplayable. (Win 10 also)
  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Try years, not months... :-/

    Had this problem on a WinXP laptop, and I never could figure out how to make it stop; between that and other issues that I now know how to solve (Alternate Models!) and one extremely unhelpful techie, I never could get the game to work on what was billed as an ultimate gaming rig lappie (and was the principle reason I'd sunk that much money into it).

    It was bothersome on Win7 for a tiny bit after we'd gotten the upgrade from XP to 7 on the desktop computer, but I don't recall what I did to correct the issue. Nowadays it only happens if I hit an odd combination of clicks/keystrokes/scroll wheels/etc. :-/

    EDIT: I take that back; my visual issue was just the opposite: my "cameraman" suddenly jumping into a helicopter and taking the view of everything from directly overhead looking down. Most distracting, but at least I could see everything...eventually. :-/

  6. AnotherForumName Member

    Well, whatever is causing this issue I wish they would look into it and determine if it's their game client OR there is a problem with mouse drivers or the o/s or whatever it could possibly be. Maybe there's a workaround or something outside the game OR maybe it's not related to the "mouse" or "input devices" at all and we just need to put Shadows on medium instead of Max or it has to do with some legacy code carried over from Everquest 1 such as snapping the mouse pointer to the center of the screen (which EQ2 does not do BUT it may be related to some legacy code like that).
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  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Probably isn't Shadows, at least not with my old issue, since I never have them turned on in the first place. :(

    But I wouldn't put it past to have something to do with old legacy code. :-/

    I can't be more helpful, I think, since I do all my moving WASD and arrow keys style. :(

  8. AnotherForumName Member

    So where do we report this bug? I've found many with this problem and when I ask about this bug in general I often get one or two people say they have this bug too since the mid 2000's.

    Have the dev's been notified this bug has existed for a decade?

    Also, I would like to warn everyone to NOT download the entire client of EQ2 in attempt to fix this bug unless you enjoy hellish nightmare troubleshooting to fix MAJOR bugs that come with doing that. agAIN do NOT download the Full Version of EQ2 or you will be very sorry you did.
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  9. Aniko Member

    Helps a little...
    'Smooth mouse input for camera control' >>> disable
  10. Rolant Member

    WOW thanks so much for this tip. After setting this option to Disable, I haven't had that weird camera movement. I have to play longer to be certain, but can this be the culprit?
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  11. AnotherForumName Member

    It's not, because the default for this is off and it's always been off for me. I still have the camera jerk in directions very often.

    The funny thing (here comes something not funny lol) is, the distance the camera rotates (up/down/left/or right) and how quickly is something I can not manually replicate. No matter how fast I move my mouse I can not make my camera turn 180 degrees as fast as this bug can make it happen.

    As for camera settings I've always had everything as low (slow) as possible. So turning is very slow.

    It's almost like a function *thinks* it should recenter the camera, takes over the cursor functions and finds those coordinates [with the camera attached] as fast as the processor allows.
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  12. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    And that almost sounds like a bug; if it's a feature, it's really annoying. Either way, sounds like it needs to be squashed. :-/

  13. Anatha Active Member

    Jamiss is thinking it has to do with our operating system. This is going to make it very difficult for him to pin down and write a fix. All we can do is hope! I would really like to do some other key quests but right now it's impossible with this bug.
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  14. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    I recall this issue occurring well prior to the Butchblock dissolution, and yes, seems equally prevalent in both winXPpro32bit and win7pro64bit with different mice when using the mouse to both move and look at the same time.
    *ANY* assistance you need in tracking this down, I submit myself and my systems.
    I am relatively well versed in the technologies and have a keen attention to detail; certificates and resume available upon request.
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  15. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I am just the opposite. Actually I thought it was me lifting the mouse somehow to make it jerk like that. I am surprised it's an actual issue. I'll try to track when it happens in the future. I know it happens to me when I am just flying along, not just when clicking on things.
  16. AnotherForumName Member

    This got me thinking and maybe some of us [having this problem] should list how we play with what setup: right click to turn, nearly all abilities/spells nested inside a macro, and keyboard to use all macros.

    When does it happen: while I'm not going to say this happens after X event because it seems almost completely random (the nemesis of fixing bugs) I would say it weighs more heavily on the side of just getting done interacting with an object; be it an NPC or harvest node, or simply clicking a door open. Again it can happen after a few minutes of not interacting with anything. Just running along a cliff and *bam* I'm now falling off the cliff. - laughs -
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  17. Grouse Active Member

    Well, both my systems are fully patched Win10. However, I rarely see it on my real windows box. Unfortunately, it has completely destroyed my normal navigate/move using mouse keys play on my other system, which is a virtual Win10 system on a Macbook. This is not new -- It has been around for a long, long time.
  18. AnotherForumName Member

    This is what I gather myself.

    Talking with people in the game, to my own research here and many other sites I've found most say it was between KoS and RoK this behavior began. So basically it started around 2006 and has been present for XP, Win7, 8, and now 10. Pretty sure it's the client and not mouse drivers, video drivers, hardware or o/s.
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  19. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Yeah, my "gaming rig laptop" was XP, and I'd joined the game in 2006; hadn't really noticed any mouse wonkiness until the laptop, which was like 2007 or '08-ish.

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  20. Billzbub Active Member

    One thing I have noticed that is not related to the mouse issue is when I'm running along with my ranged auto attack turned on and I kill my target, my toon changes directions. This is because I have auto-face turned on, and for some reason, killing my target makes my velocity turn toward the corpse.

    The mouse thing that we're talking about in this thread happens to me almost exclusively when I reach for my mouse to start moving. As soon as I right-click to begin steering, the view rotates to some zeroed position staring straight up, and I've been unable to figure out why it happens sometimes but not most of the time. It has never happened to me while I am moving.

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