Camera view keeps changing when I click the screen

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Anatha, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Anatha Active Member

    When I am using my mouse to click on things or to move my view changes suddenly. I could be looking straight ahead and then suddenly I am looking down or my view completely turns around. This has been happening for quite a while now. I run Windows 10. I use a Perdition Reddragon gaming mouse. I have researched on the Web about this and it seems to be an ongoing problem with this game and other games. I don't have the problem with other games I play or any other applications. I have switched mice, I have tweaked my Windows settings for a mouse and it still happens all the time. Does anyone else have this problem and how can I fix it or is it a game problem that I will have to just live with, which means I can't do some of the key quests as this screws up trying to complete them because I have to click my screen for whatever reason?
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  2. Conifur Well-Known Member

    It is not your mouse. It happens to a lot of people with different hardware. Been happening for a few weeks now.
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  3. KythosMeltdown Active Member

    can confirm. a dev said they tried to fix it and the fix didn't work.

    fortunately most of the people who play this game are keyboard turners and spell clickers lol
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  4. Anatha Active Member

    Unfortunately, I use my mouse to get around.
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  5. TeamB Member

    Same issue here for a couple weeks now
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  6. claudia6913 Active Member

    I've been having this issue sine AoM was released. Usually it forces my view all the way up.
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  7. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Here is a thread from Jamiss from earlier this year with a possible fix, plus a few ideas from some other folks. No guarantee, but it might help.

    (My guildies and I call these "up-skirts", given the view we often get when it happens. "Dude, what happened?? Where'd you go?" "Sorry man, up-skirt, lost my bearings." :D )
  8. Mazcote Yarquest Active Member

    Been having this issue for months not weeks.
  9. Jamiss Developer

    Unfortunately the fix didn't work. This is one of those ridiculous items to track down and seems mostly tied to the version of Windows that you're using. Much more frequent Win7+ than it ever was in WinXP. I have a few suspicions as to what it might be, but no definitive answer yet.
  10. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Sympathies on trying to track this one down...thanks for letting us know and for fighting the good fight, Jamiss.
  11. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    I've had this happen when trying to click something. It happens randomly on clicking, it seems. I do not use the mouse to get around, so it only happens to me rarely, and there's no way I would have any idea what the trigger is. I'm betting this is going to be extremely difficult for them to test, reproduce, attempt a fix, and then test it again, just because it IS so random and intermittent.
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  12. Conifur Well-Known Member

    Just started happening for me a month ago and I look straight up as well. Not a big issue, just a PITA - unless I am trying to harvest the rare in KA, then I get nervous someone will steal it while I get it back in view.
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  13. Goldra Active Member

    This has been happening to me also since I got Windows 10. Hopefully Daybreak will read this and fix it!!!!!
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  14. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Check up a few posts...Jamiss has been looking into this for quite a while now. It's a tough one to track down, but they haven't given up (thanks for keeping it on your radar, Jamiss!).
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  15. Mazcote Yarquest Active Member

    I am running Win7x64 if it helps. Pretty frequent issue for me and has been for some time.

    Its not a deal breaker for me, it hasn't gotten me killed.... yet, but I can see it happening eventually.
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  16. Anatha Active Member

    This problem is preventing me from doing the key quest where I have to knock the riders out of the sky. This is getting very frustrating. I have tried everything. So can't do that key quest for keys or faction.
  17. knightowl Member

    I've also experienced this behavior intermittently: moving, click somewhere on screen, then the camera (view) angle goes vertical.
    I'm currently on Windows10, but I had also experienced it when I was running Windows 8.1.
  18. Evilnok Active Member

    same here!'s even worse when your an arasai haha and this is happening
  19. Grouse Active Member

    I cannot play on my Macbook, using Win10 under bootcamp, because any touch of the mouse causes this.
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  20. Hiza Active Member

    I have been having this issue for months. Using windows 10 with the latest updates has gotten me no where. It is a real pain since I fly, walk, run, stear with my mouse, I rarely even touch my keyboard unless typing. I can't tell you the number of timed quests, deaths, that have been lost to this problem. Uninstalled, reinstalled, changed out mice doesn't have any effect.
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