Calling all Ratonga!

Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by ARCHIVED-Louthien, Aug 24, 2012.

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    The Day of Swarming is Coming soon! Word on the street and from out of the hidden places that only ratonga know comes news of this event! The rats of the Great Nest are hosting a day of swarming! What is this, you ask? Very simply that. Ratonga are called to gather in a location - yet to be released - to gather into a mighty swarm! Why? Why not is the question!

    OOC: September 28, 9pm EST/6pm PST. We would like to see as many ratonga as we can get join us for this. This event will be open to ALL ratonga, even Non-roleplayers. Not a ratonga? As long as you look like one, no one will hold it against you! We will gather together and show Norrath a proper swarm of rats! We do ask if you are not normally a roleplayer but would like to come out for this, just be respectful of those who are choosing to role play around you!

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