Byzola and Demetreax and Saryrn?

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    i'm confused playing the troubador timeline the valkirie npc claims byzola and demetreax are the rulers of the plane of torment but isnt that saryrn since she is the goddess of torment? or it's of torture?
    but arent those two demi-gods of fear? since torment seems to be innoruuk's thing and saryrn was apointed as that god...
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  2. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Byzola was the boss in Shard of Hate. It's one of those skull and spine creatures like the one that the Dark Elves summoned that ended up trashing Neriak. I think Saryn rebelled and joined up with Terris Thule and Lanys T'Vyl.
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  3. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    but that was expansions ago, and according to old lore as far i remember demi-gods like Lanys and Saryrn were consumed by the higher deities to rush their return to the mortal planes and expand their powers and influence.

    Lanys would be revived by her followers of (the Primordial Malice Cult) in the Altar of Malice Timeline and she would do the same for Saryrn later in the Kunark Ascending Timeline with the chaos stone.

    As Terris Thule she was possibly not consumed by Cazic Thule (she is daddy's favorite girl) but he possibly drained her of most powers and influences until Lanys used chaos stone to ascend her powers and there was the creation of the Plane of Vaedenmoor (Nightmare Lands).
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  4. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Yea, but the Troub epic was many expansions before that.
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  5. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    it was GU:42 for epic 1.0
    and GU:44 for shard of hate and byzola
    the gods have reached prior to that but too were the whispers about the demi-gods being consumed by their respective deities
    byzola presence in hate could mean theory at least since cazic and innoruuk are allies....
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  6. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Good point. I'd forgotten about that. Huh, weird. I wish Vhalen was still around to clarify this stuff.
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  7. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    what happened to him?
  8. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Left for another job back around 2009 or so. He's the one who wrote the ENTIRETY of EQ2's lore, and left a massive portfolio of various notes and story ideas that have continued to be used well up to at least Emperor Ssraesza's downfall during the Reign of Shadows expac.

    He's the one who wrote the epic questlines and any lore presented within them. He's the one who mapped out the Kunark Ascending and Planes of Prophecy timelines where Saryrn is a key player in the storyline.

    He also once mentioned that history is not always told by a reliable narrator from the beings that exist within Norrath itself. -- That means that whatever inconsistencies are being told from the Troubador epic are not an objective truth that we as players looking outside of a fiction world are observing.
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  9. Bramdar Active Member

    Byzola and Demetreax featured in the inquisitor epic as well, although I don't remember the specific lore beyond two of the flail heads being named after them.

    I believe that Byzola/Demetreax are Torment, and Saryrn is Pain, although there are references to Torment/Pain being used interchangeably. The EQ2 wiki has a background story on Saryrn, with a note that it came from the EQ website (but I don't know if the original source still exists.)

    To summarize, Saryrn was a mortal who ascended to demigod status. In the EQ2 storyline (spoilers,) she joined the Tenets of Hate along with Lanys T'Vyl and Terris-Thule after Lanys killed Innoruuk. She also tried (along with Ulkoruuk) to stop Innoruuk's apotheosis (re-ascension) during the Blood of Luclin Planes of Prophecy tradeskill questline, but after they failed, Innoruuk captured both of them and held them in the Plane of Hate. I believe that's the last we've seen/heard of Saryrn at this time, but I could be wrong.
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  10. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    Yes quick compare (Inquisitor and Templar are mirrored classes) (Inquisitor is Evil and Templar is Good)
    make sense byzola and demetreax are part of inquisitor one of the parts of the epic you have to kill 75 living basics you are causing torment in excess....

    as for saryrn, she is currently being tortured innoruuk she might be returned some day in future expansions.

    and plus there's byzola presence in the raid (shard of hate:reignited hatred) but demetreax is nowhere to be found.

    i been theorizing about the consuming of byzola and demetreax by the god that created them but since byzola is somehow around...thou he looks like simple servant and his appearence too simple to be a god....we know that everquest 2 is an alternate timeline and whatever status they had in the original timeline...might not be the same in this timeline...they probably were demoted to simple servants of gods rather than gods themselves... (all in theory at least) we have to wait future updates to learn anything)

    i wrote a book about the inquisitor timeline (some personal experiences of me and plus some important lore points) i might reference it later on because i forgot so i have to read it again lol :p
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  11. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    i found some old information.....related to this thread:
    There are quite a few unknown planar entities that have some relation to Norrathians in one way or another. These lesser planar entities made themselves known to a small select few. This interaction occurred throughout time, but may have only recently been uncovered. Look around Norrath in the Age of Destiny, you may find hints of these agents of greater entities. I know there are at least a few others you have yet to mention. We may never see them, but their tales may give you more planar lore.

    In the case of Byzola and Dymetreax (a.k.a. Dymetreas), these entities have been recorded as far back as the Age of Turmoil and had dealings with Norrathians even further back.

    Byzola is the conjoined twin of her brother, Dymetreax. Together they are known as the Twins of Torment. They exist upon the Plane of Fear and work as agents to the ruler of that plane- Cazic-Thule. They have ventured far and wide in the name of fear. They bring about pain, both physical and mental, to any creature they see fit.

    In a time long past, they encountered a champion of mortal worlds who ventured to the Plane of Fear to do battle with the Twins of Torment. During that battle, Byzola was slain by the magical brass weapon being wielded by the mortal. Byzola now lies as a fetid corpse still attached to her still living conjoined brother. They were being bred by the Faceless to seize control of a quasi plane from an agent of the Plane of Hate. It has not been validated, but some accounts hint that Byzola is now an undead entity.

    Byzola is female half and the dead half as well. While her brother Dymetreax is male and a still living half.
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  12. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    okay after this finding i concluded some things....

    1.Byzola is dead....and Innoruuk is it's master now as seems.(my theory about Innoruuk being it's master is confirmed)
    2.Dymetreax might still be alive....somewhere,somehow...(unconfirmed) (Theory).
    3.They might have succeeded in obtaining control over the plane of torment.(unconfirmed).

    4.Saryrn is the original God of Torment and Byzola and Dymetreax might be the reason she died in first place which required Lanys to restore her from oblivion with chaos stone.(Half-confirmed?)

    5.Innoruuk revived Byzola to serve him.....and Dymetreax probably returned to Cazic Thule and then he was consumed?(Theory).

    6.The Gods have the power to revive the dead to some extent but the ''evil'' gods have only been capable of using necromantic powers to do so.....which explains why Byzola is not in her former form....instead she is an undead horror and Innoruuk clearly has stolen the knowledge of undeath from Anashti Sul and he wasnt the only one.....Cazic Thule has been told to introduce necromantic arts to Vazaelle and He Consumed her (Just a detail i dont want to forget).
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  13. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    I also noticed that they have cultists towards the back end of Fallen Gate.