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Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Tyllu, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Sparky Marie New Member

    central time that is :) noon Tuesday 2/17/15 central time.
  2. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Darn, missed Monday's guide quest too. Thanks to all the guides who participate and bring us these quests. Hope to catch you all again soon. Really do want to do the axe quest, as well as the other quests I listed above. Probably won't be around much though for the next few weeks as I go through surgery and recovery afterwards.
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  3. Eleressa Secretkeeper Guide

    Sorry you missed it. I'm sure it will be around again. I know that dwarf is axe crazy. Good luck with your surgery.
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  4. Eleressa Secretkeeper Guide

    If you need some "News" be in Obol Plains on Sunday February 22, 2015 at 200 PM PT. Look outside the gates.
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  5. Deornwulf Active Member

    I want to be sure I understand the protocols according to the members of the Outsiders. You would like for players to line up without mounts or pets, keep silent, and simply wait for the accept quest box to appear on their screen. Players should keep any "RP crap" to their own guildhalls and not use /say to refrain from annoying you or any players who are just there to get the quest. You do not actually want any /say or /tell from any player who has completed the quest beyond maybe "Hey, I finished the quest, give me xp." when you are done handing out the quest to the hordes of players wanting it.
  6. Spindle Well-Known Member

    Huh? You are talking about a guild called the Outsiders and their protocols? That is not a guide guild that I've seen.

    Folks need to realize that crowding the quest giver makes giving the quests very difficult. Running around the group on a mount of any kind is very distracting to everyone. Having a number of pets up and being 'enlarged' is distracting.

    Being patient and polite is terrific. Engaging in conversation with other players is always a nice thing too.

    I've never encountered rude or demanding quest givers even on the 'News' quest when there are sometimes in excess of 40 players so not sure what you are saying there Deornwulf.
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  7. Deornwulf Active Member

    A member of the guild, "The Outsiders," made the claim based on his having discussed it at length with a guide to whom he claimed be acquainted with very well, the guides hate roleplay when giving out quests like the Newsies as do almost all players except the minority of Roleplayers who keep making the mistake of thinking other players "want to see that role play s*** in their chat."
  8. Spindle Well-Known Member

    You are inferring the guild known as "The Outsiders," speaking through you, the forum representative for that guild, control the Guides on Butcherblock server and therefore speak for the Guides on Butcherblock server. Thus, successful as speakers for the Guides of Butcherblock server the guild known as "The Outsiders" seek also to control the interaction of the Players on Butcherblock Server.

    If there is to be another Guide quest or Guide event there will also be representatives of the guild known as "The Outsiders" in attendence at all times to insure that no communication among any Guide of Butcherblock Server and any Player on Butcherblock Server nor communication among any Players of Butcherblock Server take place.

    Is the above correct?
  9. Gramma Active Member

  10. Spindle Well-Known Member

    Gramma, thanks for the heads up. I should have thought of checking previous posts. I'll just tap dance my way out of this minefield following your good lead.
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  11. Gramma Active Member

    I erased my replies so I didn't look too foolish. Now your reply looks weird. Sorry about that.
    For anyone else who didn't read it, I mentioned having checked the previous posts of the above commenter and it looks like they were having issues with a member of the guild.
    Whoever is running that guild ought to check into it and engage in a conversation with the poster, if only to clear their guild's name.
  12. Gramma Active Member

    On a happier note, I got the Newsie quest and I'm very excited about starting it once I get to an appropriate level. The rules seemed fairly clear:
    The guide stated that we should dismiss all pets and line up in a half circle, then proceeded to hand out quests. There were a lot of people, so I can see why role-playing might have slowed this particular interaction down for the other players. It seemed logical, also to follow the lead of the other players and dismount and dismiss my merc.
    On previous interactions with guides, I have always been encouraged by the guides themselves to roleplay. They have always taken the time out to cheerfully and pleasantly interact with me and other players. So I can't say I felt discouraged from roleplaying. I'm sure if I had roleplayed with the guide who was handing out the nebulous newsie quest, I would have been tolerated...but I didn't want to inconvenience other players, so I didn't even consider roleplaying then.
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  13. Antykryst New Member

    the guy here whining about what was stated during a voice chat by a player in "the Outsiders" is all wrong. the guild is open to anyone and people were stating thier own opions and someone had an issue with this and thus they removed all their toons from the guild and had to have a hissy fit. we do not control others. we just state RPing has its time and place. we just have a guilding that has a friend that knows a guide and was giving the guild a heads up about the newsie quest and the rules entailed to get the quest. he never once stated any guild policy or anything referencing the guild. we at the Outsiders are a family guild that welcomes all and will help all.
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  14. Dinendall Senior Guide

    Hello Butcherblock,

    Just to follow up the above comments and let you all know, the Guides of the Shattered Lands are in no way affiliated with any player guilds whatsoever!

    We love running quests and enjoy some wonderful roleplaying with you all as I am sure many of you have experienced in the past - feel free to roleplay away with any Guide you may meet on your travels!
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  15. Ponygirl New Member

    Hi Norrath!

    My name is Ponygirl Curtis and I am the Guild Leader of The Outsiders on Butcherblock. I am here to clear up any misconceptions from the posts of Deornwulf.
    First, I would like to say that I am absolutely floored at Deornwulf's comments regarding my guild considering the fact that he has been one of the original Outsiders way back when.
    Second, we have never claimed to be a Guide Guild. In the past, we have had server wide events where I have invited the Guides to come celebrate with us and they have been wonderful in their participation in our events. Honestly, I don't think we would have had as much fun without the Guides.
    Third, I encourage RP as much as people would like to do. I am not that great at it (rather pathetic really) but I have quite a few guildies that are phenomenal and honestly should go into acting.
    Fourth, one of my biggest pet peeves in this game is the fact that there are alot of people who try to tell others how to play their characters. That there is one way to set your AA's, one way to cast, one way to do anything. Drives me absolutely batty to hear people try to tell me how to play my character. Therefore, in The Outsiders, we don't tell people how to do anything and we embrace individuality in game play. We will offer suggestions but ultimately the characters belong to the person on the account and it is up to them to decide how to play their character. This is something that I make sure everyone understands. That is why I am a bit confuzzled over Deornwulf's ideal that someone in The Outsiders would tell someone else how to play. Now I do know that the individual that Deornwulf is referring to has instructed people in the past to dismount and put pets up simply because he has seen the Guide for the Newsie quest repeatedly ask that of everyone. But if we are not about controlling anyone in our guild then you can be sure that we will not be trying to control anyone else in Norrath.

    Please understand that we are not the type of guild that Deornwulf has portrayed us to be. He does not now nor will he ever be the voice of The Outsiders.
    Thank you for your time,

    Ponygirl Curtis
    Leader of The Outsiders
  16. lillyfay New Member

    I hope the guides know some of us appreciate the time they give to help us enjoy the game and I hope a few disgruntled children do not cause the guides quests to stop...these quests are not mandatory and are given to us for fun...it's a game after all!:rolleyes:
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  17. Deornwulf Active Member

    I am an idiot. I allowed myself to become angry at the actions of a few and took to the forums to shame them and instead only brought shame to myself and slandered a fine guild. Please ignore the previous posts I made in anger, especially if the mods ignore my request to delete my post and every post referencing it. An entire guild should not ever be held accountable for the remarks made by a few of its members and I should have handled it all internally.
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  18. suka Well-Known Member

    thanks for telling us. and your guild seems to have much the same philosophy ours does. much luck to you. glad to know there are others like us on the server
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  19. suka Well-Known Member

    that happens with all of us from time to time. we snap and lash out instead of thinking ahead. after all, we are human. but yes, when there is a problem with someone in the guild, you should always talk to your leader or an officer first. they sometimes make great mediators.
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  20. Deornwulf Active Member

    Perhaps I should request that the Butcherblock Guides set up an event allowing Ponygirl to "execute" me in Freeport, but I don't know if they have the animations for that but the outcome could be easily put into effect by forcing a betrayal and a name change to my main thus ending Deornwulf's existence. If that is too gruesome, perhaps a public pillorying or something with handy baskets of rotten fruit for anyone to grab and throw at me or at least an effigy of me.

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