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Discussion in 'History and Lore' started by ARCHIVED-Anestacia, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Anestacia Guest

    I noticed that a mod just locked a thread quoting "dont bump old threads." Have I been wrong for the last 8 years in assuming that History/Lore forums actually welcomed bumping of old threads when new questions/info arise? I know it is frowned upon in other forums for obvious reasons but history is always relevant so I am not quite sure why it matters.
    Considering these forums are going to all be locked come tommorow anyway its a moot point, however it would be nice to have an OFFICIAL reply on this going forward into the new forums.
  2. ARCHIVED-pookie9981 Guest

    Hello pookie, This message is to inform you that bumping old threads violates forum guidelines. When posting, make sure your actions abide by SOE policy. Thank you, 08
    This what they PM to me which I find RUDE I was asking a question about a old topic since I've been gone from the game for a while, instead of starting a new one I posted in old one so I wouldnt hear the same info that was posted in the past but that is wrong as I was told. I PM 2 Devs and nothing it seams since VHalen left lore taken a crapper.I left game when he did came back for a bit left again due to poor answering of question by DEVs, and im back again within 1 week Devs allready put a bad taste in my mouth. They need to find VHalen and pay him aything he wants to come back in my opinion.
  3. ARCHIVED-Kaitheel Guest

    I know it's been two years since you last inquired about Lionheart Castle, but the answer still stands.
    Your other thread: "Order of Marr crusade"
  4. ARCHIVED-Mary the Prophetess Guest

    It's always been my understanding that the prohibition on necro-posting has never been applied to the History and Lore forum. This is to prevent having two dozen threads on the same subject
  5. ARCHIVED-Iad Guest

    I know I got a good laugh out of that mod locking the thread. I guess several threads covering the same subject is better than necroing. lol
  6. ARCHIVED-Celline-Layonaire Guest

    Yeah I also saw that and thought it was very, very weird.

    Plz allow necro-posting in this forum, given the nature of 'History and Lore' section.
  7. ARCHIVED-Maergoth Guest

    +1 for being able to necro threads in this section.

    It's the equivalent of dusting off an old tome or searching the archives for a newspaper. What's the harm?

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