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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Athenia, Sep 22, 2022.

  1. Athenia Active Member

    I came back from a long break and found my equipment macros are bugged where the charm slots are.

    When trying to use the macro, I got back "_____ cannot be equipped in that location" and when I looked at the macro itself it doesn't look like the items are even given a location.

    This is the same across all of my characters. The charms in this case are Eye of Agamatoo and Gnomish Quick Erasealler.

  2. Miragian Well-Known Member

    I think the item(s) themselves are bugged not your macros.
  3. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Nothing is bugged. Many charm items were changed some time back to no longer need to be equipped to be used. Lack of slot info is your clue and you simply need to redo your macros accordingly.
  4. Miragian Well-Known Member

    Except, that says "when equip" and doesn't have a slot. At least that seems to be what that says. If it said "when activated." I would agree with you.
  5. Caith Developer

    While you are correct that this isn't bugged (at least, we cannot reproduce it) you also cannot activate any item from your inventory that has stats.

    If you remove your custom UI can you make a macro that appropriately gives the slot dropdown when you use the Equip Item macro step with the eye of Agamatoo in the slot?
    We are unable to repro your issue with that item on current live servers with the default UI.
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  6. Athenia Active Member

    Oh, thank you! This actually helps, I'm using DarqUI and I'll pass on the info of this thread over there.
  7. Athenia Active Member

    Oh! Maybe I spoke too soon?

    I went to macro my other charms and those options pop up as normal. The crafting charms are still having the same issue as before.

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  8. Athenia Active Member

    Update! Confirmed not the UI that's causing this:

    I found out the issue since I found the same thing on my other characters.

    Since I've been gone 8 years, somehow my old crafted items are not coded for current EQ2. That would explain why the bug couldn't be reproduced.

    The top charm is what I already had in my possession. The bottom charm is one I just crafted today.

    A truly bizarre bug, but I guess toss and remake your handcrafted crafter charms if you take a long game break!

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  9. EnvironmentalHazard New Member

    Welcome back!
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