[BUG] ToN quest "Rescue the Hapless Explorer"...

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Sunborne, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. Sunborne Member

    I am level 110, and doing quests on Halls Of Fate server.

    I was smentored to 55 when I went into the Tombs of Night. I found a captive explorer, talked to her and got the (still level 35) quest "Rescue the Hapless Explorer". I talked to her again, had a bit of dialogue and... nothing. No update, no vanishing, just... nothing. I deleted the quest, got it again - same thing. I smentored to different levels (including 35), delete and repeat: nada.

    The explorer's dialogue asks if I need help with anything, yet there is no conversation option other than, "no, thanks, see ya." Another quest in ToN, "Parasite's Prize", has a journal entry that says, "The explorer indicated..." although I did not have to talk to the explorer to get to that step.

    I stand here at 110, afraid to reset the zone because I might never see her again. I still have the quest but no way to finish it.

    Help please.
  2. Hartay Well-Known Member

    Did you clear out the mobs? she should give you a quest after the mobs are gone.
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  3. Sunborne Member

    Yes, I cleared the mobs. Yes, she gave me the quest. No, she will not update it.
  4. Kaitheel Developer

    Oh, glob!

    Sunborne, you found another bugged quest. Upon examination I found this one was bugged the same way the other one was. They had conflicting zone requirements listed in them. I've fixed this one, and went looking for others. (I don't want you to be stopped by another one!) I found three others with the same issue, and have fixed them, too. All of these fixes should be live with the next update.
    • Rescue the Hapless Explorer - Quest is now level 50.
    • Rescue the Hapless Explorer - A captive explorer will once again update this quest.
    • Tattered Robes - Soul parasites will once again update this quest.
    • Ceremony of the Fanged Necklace - Hellhounds will once again update this quest.
    • Albino Snakeskin Bag - Larval feeders will once again update this quest.
    ~ Kaitheel
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  5. Sunborne Member

    I am sorry I added to your work, yet shall be happy next week when I can finish my quest(s). Thank you! /notworthy
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  6. Tindrial New Member

    Well, I decided to try these item dropped quests again. I can get part way through.

    Basically, these three quests are still bugged in the same place listed above:

    • Tattered Robes - Soul parasites will once again update this quest. (Soul Parasites don't drop anything)
    • Ceremony of the Fanged Necklace - Hellhounds will once again update this quest. (Hellhounds don't drop anything)
    • Albino Snakeskin Bag - Larval feeders will once again update this quest. (Larval Feeders don't drop anything)
    None of the mobs here show the little feather icon showing they're a quest mob nor does killing them bring up the blue screen text saying you got a quest item or not. Also, the green brazier is spawned but clicking on it doesn't do anything.
    A little bit of a weird thing is the Albino Snakes you have to kill...you can get away with killing the small asps out in Nektolos Forest. I think they're around the pathway that leads to the beach. They had the little feather on them went I went by then with my quests tracked and shows the blue text when killing them as either getting the drop or not.
  7. Sunborne Member

    Tindrial, the quests will not be fixed until the next update: Tuesday, 25 June (right now, as it happens). Try again when the game is restored. :)
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  8. Tindrial New Member

    I read the patch notes today. Reread the post from the developer above, complete missed the key words "next update" :)
  9. Tindrial New Member

    Tried the quests after the update, looks they mostly work. Not too sure about the Fleshgoyle bag though. It says to dry the hides over a big fire, which when I read up on it on the wiki meant the green brazier but the brazier doesn't work for this quest. There is a second quest that you have to use the brazier for and it works for that.

    Also, one odd thing I noticed, when I went into two of the ToN instances, there were 0 ground spawns for the collection items.

    (Couldn't find any edit button to edit my last post to include this one)
  10. Sunborne Member

    1. For "Hide of the Fleshgoyle", the fire needed is on the lowest level. /waypoint 64, -40, 60
    2. The instances now have lockouts. If you kill anything or pick up any ?s you have to wait 90 minutes to reset the zone.
      [**] If you do not reset the zone the instance lasts for 3 days - including not having any ?s if you collected them previously.

    The explorer updated perfectly. Now I am camping the instance for the Fleshgoyle fire and the the Obdurate Parasite, which is how this AdPak ran, so all is well. Thank you very much for your work!
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  11. Sunborne Member

    Update to add: third run through regular Tombs of Night got both the Obdurate Parasite and the grinnin cokking fire, completing my last 2 quests in ToN. /happydance
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