Bug: Shattered Infections is not working in PvE

Discussion in 'Warden' started by ARCHIVED-Ayaka, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Ayaka Guest

    Anyone else noticed this? I have confirmation from two other wardens that also believe that Shattered Infections does not work in PvE since the update changed it.
    In raid last night I casted it right before an AOE with detrimentals landed, then tried to even cast it after an AOE with detrimentals landed, and I could not get the ability to cure even one thing. It is supposed to cure any detriment that lands on your group for an 8 second duration.
    The funny thing is, it works as intended in PvP at the moment..
    We need a Dev to look at this ability ASAP =/
  2. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    The new description says 'if recieving a hostile spell'...(w/e that means) Was someone blocking for that 8 seconds and you didn't get hit? Wards? /shrug..That's all I got! :)
  3. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    NVM - it's broken. I apologize for suggesting otherwise. I guess I just had such a hard time believing that was possible! /sarcasm
  4. ARCHIVED-Maehem03 Guest

    I was one of the wardens that confirmed the OPs suspicion on "another message board." I was the only healer in group, was watching for silly scouts throwing their AE blockers, and the guild's fury casting her raid cure. I tried using Shatter Infections several times, and nada... it did absolutely nothing.
    I Hope this will be fixed soon, but at least I only spent AA that I would have had to spend on roots (to get Nature Walk) to get it - only thing wasted is a slot on my hotbar.
  5. ARCHIVED-joyhinia Guest

    Done some testing and can confirm that shatter infection does not work in PVE please fix it.
  6. ARCHIVED-Hamervelder Guest

    I also tested Shatter Infections on a raid Thursday evening. The spell definitely is not working in PvE. I promptly specced right back out of this ability. It's still useless.
  7. ARCHIVED-ChrissyFaey Guest

    This isn't working PvE. +1.
    Would be nice if they made it so it cured things presently on, as well as things that land after.
  8. ARCHIVED-Karyu Guest

    I can also confirm this ability is not working. I never had this ability prior to GU61 and I don't PvP, so I've never seen it do anything useful.

    A fight where this is very obvious is the Withdoctor fight in Ascent. Just after he finishes sweeping the room with his laser thingy, he ports back to the group and tosses out a group-wide elemental debuff/dot. I've tried casting Shatter Infections a couple seconds before this so the spell has plenty of time to finish casting and take effect before the debuff hits. But the debuff still lands on the entire group and I have to use Tunare's Grace or Verdant Whisper to remove it.

    Another place I've tried to use it and seen it fail is that fight just before the dragon in Kraytoc's Fortress where you press the 3 buttons to summon waves of mobs (sorry, forget the boss name). The last wave tends to throw out 3 waves of detrimentals to the entire raid in rapid succession. After I cure the first, I've tried putting Shatter Infections up to block the next 1-2. However, I have yet to see it cure/block anything.
  9. ARCHIVED-Yo-Gha Guest

    I used the spell in Vallons.
    We have been pulling Vallon himself and the fight has a lot of dots all the time.
    I casted shattered infections once: Whole group has been cured. Next time I casted shattered infections, dot hit us, nothing happened.
    As I checked parser afterwards, the spell did about 80 cures for me on 4 different aoes.
    So it works but only sometimes, so yes, its still bugged.
  10. ARCHIVED-Karyu Guest

    I've wondered if it might just be broken on certain types of detrimentals. Maybe, given its name, its currently only auto-curing Noxious effects. The ones I've noticed it not touching are mostly Elemental and maybe Trauma (not 100% certain).
  11. ARCHIVED-Sinaya Guest

    I can't seem to get this ability to work as described in the tooltip either. It appears to be pretty cool if it were to function properly though.
  12. ARCHIVED-Ayaka Guest

    It still does not work as intended, sadly.
    I've sent in petitions, will need others to do the same as well.
  13. ARCHIVED-Ayaka Guest

  14. ARCHIVED-tendo2 Guest

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