[Bug] Shadowknight Ability - Tap Veins

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by DemonNfrendz, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. DemonNfrendz New Member

    Tap Vein - the Shadowknight spell that used to do damage in addition to steal life from point blank mobs and return it to the shadowknight appears to no longer do so as of today - at least the life siphon part (12/26/2019).

    Asked in game and they said it was posted somewhere that it is working as intended, though I didn't see the update in the 12/17/2019 or 12/19/2019 patch notes and cannot find the thread here with the search of tap vein.

    Can we get a confirmation if this is now the intention of this line? Kind of a decent change that may make me want to switch to a different tank if that is the case.


    Demon & Frendz
    Kaladim Server
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  2. Stories Of Old New Member

    Tap veins has been this way for 14 years. This is a huge nerf to the class. I will seriously quit the game sk is my favorite class. Go ahead so good bye to me, they coming for your class next.

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