Confirmed BUG: Rotating daily tradeskill missions are messed up again

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Daryx, Feb 8, 2021.

  1. Daryx Well-Known Member

    Once again the rotating daily tradeskill missions in Sentinel's Fate and Altar of Malice are out of sync. They are giving Sunday's quests again today. This has happened before and had been fixed (and I think more than once!).
  2. Ratalthor Developer

    This should be fixed. Is it still happening to anybody?
  3. Tkia Well-Known Member

    When did the fix go in as this was happenng in SF on the first 3 weekends of the Kaladim expansion release? I didn't log in this last weekend and can't check for a while as it was mostly the Friday quests spilling over into the weekend. When it first happened to me on Kaladim I checked 3 other servers which were all fine so maybe it's now Kaladim specific?
  4. Ratalthor Developer

    Please let us know if we see this happen again this weekend.
  5. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Okay, seems we won't have to wait as long as I thought. I just wandered up there and discovered that today Wed, we are being offered the Tuesday set of quests in all 4 SF tradeskill factions, so yes, it's still happening.

    Data so far:
    On Kaladim I did the daily TS faction quests every day from Feb 9th to Feb 28th inclusive. During that time I had the following anomalies -
    Sat 13th and Sun 14th both days were offering the Friday quests in all 4 factions. Mon 15th was back on schedule.
    Sat 20th we got the Fri quest set repeated, Sun was back on track.
    Fri 26th got the Thursday quest set repeated, back on track on Sat.
    All other days in that period were giving out the expected quests according to this schedule: which has always been reliable in all the years I've used it (thanks Mum! :) )
    Mar 1 - 9 no data.
    Wed March 10th offered the Tues quest set.

    Feb 13th I also checked HOF, Thurgadin and Test and all 3 servers had the correct Sat quests.
    Today I also checked HOF which has Wed quest set and Thurgadin which is offering the Tues quest set. So it's not just happening on Kaladim today.

    I'm not seeing the pattern - I hope you have better luck :)
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  6. Daryx Well-Known Member

    I submitted several in-game bugs about 2 weeks ago about the SF ones. They were doing odd things along the lines of Tkia's findings, but I also saw some of the factions would be OK on one day and the other faction was off. Server resets always fixed it for one day or so, but I know the outfitter (kerra isle) was one of the worst for getting off because the character was a sage and he couldn't get his kerra isle faction up in the normal time (I always go to max them out when I decide to do this) for that one. Yeah the weekends seemed to be especially bad for getting off, whether hanging over from Friday or Sunday hanging into Monday.

    This is an Maj'Dul if server comes into it at all. I didn't go check on the AOM missions this time.
  7. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Thursday 11th - Kaladim - all 4 SF quests are back on track.
    However, in Kunark the quest being offered in Riliss is the same as yesterday. The other 2 factions have moved on.
  8. ShirQuickpaw New Member

    On Antonia Bayle I can confirm that I got the same daily tradeskill quest offerd for the Paineel Craftsmen, Hua Mein and Quel'ule faction - the one from Wednesday. The Kerran Isle faction continued through the weekly schedule. As an outfitter , I don't mind the Paineel one, but I am stuck on role specific tasks on Quel'ule and Hua Mein, unable to progress there. Will observe if it resets on the next Tuesday maintenance.
  9. Matik Member

    Today all my TSO, SF, and Kunark dailies repeated from yesterday
  10. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Sat 13th - Kaladim - SF - Kerra and Quel'ule are repeating Friday quests. The other 2 are fine.
    Kunark - Bath Watch is repeating from yesterday. the other 2 are fine.
  11. Asterix Developer

    Has this been happening recently? If so, could you post a date and time. Interested in after the most recent restart as i'll have access to all of the appropriate logs.
  12. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Still a problem. 24/4/21 around 15.30 BST (+8 PDT)
    I checked HOF in SF and Kunark zones and all was fine.
    Checked the SFones on Kaladim and the Hua Mein and Paineel quests are both repeating the Friday quests. Kerra and Quel'ule are correct. All 4 were correct yesterday.
  13. Tkia Well-Known Member

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  14. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

  15. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Here we go again....
    Yesterday (July 25, 2021) I got the quest for a Sturdy Mallet on my Tradeskill Research Apprentices.
    Now today, I've gotten it again and I suspect I will get it again tomorrow and possibly on Wednesday as well, as it seems to run 3-4 days in a row before changing again.
  16. Ratalthor Developer

    We're working on reproducing this internally and could use additional info.
    As of this week, what are the names and zones of the NPCs? What are the missions they are currently unable to rotate from?
  17. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Apparently that is the same as this bug regarding in-house Tradeskill Research Apprentices, the ones hired in the city crafting factions (Human, Othmir, Coldain Dwarf) you place in a house to research spell/arts Grandmaster & various other recipes.
    The rotating quests are for crafting a Sturdy Mallet, Knife, Basket, Apron & Toolbelt (specific name is based on tier, such as Larix, Ragged Hide, Leonid, etc).
    As I noted in my own bug posting, it happens randomly, tho it seems to be after I have skipped one day of gaming except that the most recent occurrences broke that mold. Without missing a day of doing the apprentices task, I got a recipe repeat. Since that (July 25-26) I haven't had another repeat yet.
  18. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Update: Yesterday (July 31) I got the Sturdy Larix Mallet quest from my apprentices. Got it again today.
    Every time the apprentices quest repeats for me, it is ALWAYS the mallet for some reason. I don't recall it ever being a repeat of the knife, basket, apron or toolbelt.
  19. Ratalthor Developer

    We believe issues that may come up with tradeskill apprentices are a separate issue.
    Can anyone provide examples of names and zones of the NPCs that give daily tradeskill missions in this thread?
  20. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    I posted that separately as a bug here:

    Someone else posted in that thread that it was related to this bug, so I added a link to this thread there, and vice-versa. I will edit the original posting of the tradeskill apprentice bug to remove that link.