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Discussion in 'EQ2Players.com Website Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Josgar, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Josgar Guest

    I can veiw the rankings of other players... it doesn't matter if I am logged in or not... but when I try to look at MY rankings, I cannot veiw them no matter if I am logged in or not >.>
  2. ARCHIVED-Zerebro Guest

  3. ARCHIVED-Josgar Guest

    Im not subscribed to EQ2players; however, I can see other people's rankings... but I cannot see my own.
  4. ARCHIVED-Hellswrath Guest

    If you don't have access, you shouldn't be able to see other people's either. I'm not sure I'd complain about this one, Jos. ;)
  5. ARCHIVED-Iseabeil Guest

    Rankings are buggy as <beep>. Ive got 3 accounts, one has the eq2players enabled, however, if Im logged into that account I cant view rankings. If Im not logged in at all, I can view rankings of a few of my characters whilst I cant view them on some others, and wether I can view or not seems to vary from day to day. Yesterday I could see the rankings of my main (on my second acount) whilst I cant today, I can however view my monk on my third account. eq2players is probably the most buggy feature of something I ever seen.

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