[BUG] Nu'roga, 3rd Floor

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Fargles, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Fargles Guest

    Oh I hope I have the right forum for this.
    I've been running Nu'roga trying to complete the quest 'The Shasik Crystal' and at the end I'm suppost to kill the Crusader of Rok Nilok. Well you have to kill all 6 Crazed Drogan Ritualists to get him to spawn, yet he doesnt. The witch doctor says his lines and nothing happens. I hope this could get looked into?
  2. ARCHIVED-MrWolfie Guest

    Same thing happened to my Bard and his Tank merc last week. We killed the ritualists, but the Crusader Rik Nilok did not spawn.
    Thought it was a one off bug, but today on my Inq and his Tank merc, same thing.
    I have done this on other chars before mercs were introduced.
  3. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    has been bugged for a few months i think, merc or not.
  4. ARCHIVED-Darkjoram Guest

    Unfortunately, still bugged.

    Trying to complete same quest as OP.

    Tried it without quest and same issue.
  5. ARCHIVED-Hermmit Guest

    Aye, same here.
  6. ARCHIVED-Halo of G4 Guest

    Samething as well. Is SoE ever going to fix this?
  7. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest

    Crusader of Rok Nilok is still bugged on Test server as off today (tried twice)
  8. ARCHIVED-Aya Lin Guest

    Still appears to be bugged - Unrest server today.
  9. ARCHIVED-Bunji Guest

    I fixed this event internally and will push the fix out once it passes QA.

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