Bug: New Kelethin City Writs

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Pixiewrath, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Pixiewrath Active Member

    After completing the city writ "Kelethin: Dreadooze" I cannot accept any more city writs from the NPC at thurgadin docks.

    She talks to me as if I am already on a writ, but I have finished it.

    Anyone else having this problem?
  2. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Noone encountered this? I am level 93 if that helps.
  3. JanEQ Member

    I thought all the city writs were given from inside the City of Thurgadin. Did they add more writ givers, or is this the daily mission?
  4. Audleigh New Member

    Writs for the Withered Lands, Eidolon Jungle, and Obol Plains were included with Chains of Eternity. You can pick them up on the Thurgadin Docks, and soon from the Advanced Guild Hall Writ Agent!

    Thanks for the heads up, and for your time earlier. I was able to reproduce the problem on my end, as well. I'll take a closer look at the issue straight away.
  5. Guiscard Active Member

    What about the TS advanced writs???????????????[/
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  6. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Well, one thing I think is a bit annoying with all writs from Kylong Plains and higher level is that they become unavailable at certain levels. On older writs you can mentor and get new ones every 5-10 levels, but the newer ones change at i.e. lvl 83 for some and 78 for some. So you can't mentor down on a chronomage to i.e. level 80 or 85 and do them but need to find someone else to mentor to exactly the right level to accept these quests. I wish all available quests changed every 5 levels instead so one can access all of the writs by chronomancing via the NPCs.

    That, or change the chronomancer npc window to contain a slider/input window where one can specify exactly what level one wanna be instead of just chronoing every 5 levels.

    Why? City writs help the quest count... ^_^
  7. Juraviel Active Member

    Yeah still no new writs for the crafters in this expansion. With the few nerfs to the pretige lines about all the crafters got were recipes for 93-95. Not very exciting at all from a crafting point of view. Pretty lame actually.
  8. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Honestly, I prefer those prestige abilities and their flexibilities rather than tradeskilling writs. The old TS writs still fills their purpose. You still gain exp from them very fast.

    Biggest issue I see is that you cannot mentor tradeskilling so if they release new writs now for lvl 90-95 it means that people that are too high level won't be able to complete the 90-94 ones because they can't mentor down. That's an issue I find with tradeskilling overall as you get hindered from adding quests to the quest count if you miss one or two at current level.
  9. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    I"m hoping we'll be ok in that regard. Right now we can take 85, 87 and 89 writs, if it moves up to the 90's, we should still be able to get 90-95.
  10. LordEydvar New Member

    Thank you whoever it was who mentioned writs stop being available. I just hit 83 and went to Kylong to get the JW writs and all the writ people won't talk to me. They all think I'm on their writs already and even clearing all my active quests didn't fix this. Yeah is annoying that writs stop being available... would've though at least the JW ones would be around longer then 3 levels. Since those don't pop up til level 79 to start.
  11. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    The Moors of Ykesha ones are only around for 2 or 3 levels, and the levels fall between 75 and 80, so you can't even mentor to get them.
  12. Seliri Well-Known Member

    bug of fright & worry ;'{
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  13. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    This always has annoyed me about Moors. :(
  14. Pixiewrath Active Member

    Agreed. The ones in Kunark/Moors should be available at 5 lvl intervalls like all the others...
  15. Spock Active Member

    are you all saying writs at higher levels are 5 level interval i know that at lower level its 3 levels between each.
  16. Spock Active Member

    Except for tradeskill writs which are at 0, 4 and 9 for each tens. Not sure later on.
  17. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    When you use the chronomage to mentor you can only do so in steps of 5 levels. The writs in Moors of Ykesha are only available if you are (been a while so this is estimate) 77 to 79. So no way you can get those writs by using the chronomage.

    The best Kunark writs are available if you mentor to 80 an are evil :D You can tear up the zone near the kylong docks...spiders, skeletons, drolvarg, giants and yeti...a guild group running them can make the bar move quite impressively.
  18. Pixiewrath Active Member

    The only way to get the ones in kunark is to find another player at level 77-79 you can mentor for them to become available. The ones at lower levels are always available every 5 levels so going to a chronomancer can give you access to them.

    I also find it disturbing we can't mentor tradeskill levels. It would be nice for the tradeskill quests if you want quests for the achievements.
  19. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Which Kunark ones? I know you can chrono-mentor to get the evil writs on the docks in Kylong Plains. Used to do that all the time since they were all grouped in such a close area and some needing the same mobs killed.
  20. LordEydvar New Member

    Yeah only Chrono-mentoring gets the writs to show. Cannot just group with someone and mentor.

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