Bug: mannequin cant be listed on broker

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-DasUberFuzzy, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-DasUberFuzzy Guest

    Every once in a while, I see shouts for medium-large ammounts of crafted mannequin.
    When I'm done completing the order, I check the market, and if the price is decent, I usually pound out a few, as they usually sell out later that day.
    After the most recent batch (which was small, wanted 4), I checked the broker and there were none at all! Sweet
    I made the a bunch, put them up, and walked away.
    A few days later, cycling through my crafter harem, and none had sold :( figured someone undercut my monopoly. Strangely, none were on the market... including mine.
    Tried various ways of searching. Nothing
    The house they are being sold in is open for visitors, the rent is paid. (not that would stop them from showing, just preventing a house listing). Nada
    Posted/reposted items. Zilch
    Even moved them to another toon for sale, incase THAT toon is buggy (which was not likely, because EVERYTHING else was showing fine). a big fat null here too.
    As far as I can tell, the market server is just eating them before adding to "listed=1".
    Anyone else notice this? Is it just Everfrost?
    (and yes, I /bugged this a few weeks ago when I noticed it, and again monday. just hoping that a red name might actually see this, incase my /bugs are also getting eaten)
  2. ARCHIVED-griffon_lady Guest

    I've noticed this for a while and I've buged it.. I'm thinking of petitioning it... but i doubt it would do any good.
    I've asked many times about the pet arena in MajDul (it doesn't keep your score, so the merchant that sells the rewards can't sell any of the kills/wins reward items.... and i REALLy wanted to use the shifters in a haunted house i was making for halloween. It's been several years now, pet arena still doesn't keep score, still can't buy the shifter. :\
    so yah, some things just aren't popular enough to get fixed. :\

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