[BUG] Duplicate Character Listing

Discussion in 'EQ2Players.com Website Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Vexorkane, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Vexorkane Guest

    I have found a bug concerning "My Profile." Sephyl, my main character, is listed twice. After having taken a little hiatus at level 87 and then returning, another profile for the same character was created and all of my origonal stats and rankings (which were accurate at 87) were seemingly reset.
    Also, when doing a search for my character, results appear twice. If at all possible, I would like to have the two profiles merged with the correct stats, gear and rankings displayed!
  2. ARCHIVED-RogueSpideyChick Guest

    along with everybody from the server mergers with their old & new server profiles.
  3. ARCHIVED-Vexorkane Guest

    Doh, I wasn't aware. Now looking at the current list of servers, that makes a lot more sense... sorry!
  4. ARCHIVED-RogueSpideyChick Guest

    nah it's all good. eq2players has been broken for quite a while, the server mergers just made it even more of a mess though.
  5. ARCHIVED-Vexorkane Guest

    It's funny, aside from frequent connection time out, EQ II Mobile actually works better than EQ II Players.

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