[BUG] Conjuror Planar Burst (CoE AA)

Discussion in 'Mages' started by excalibur84, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. excalibur84 New Member

    This may also apply to the necro version of the spell, but I have not tested it.

    The right side of the conjuror prestige tree gives you planar wrack which will increment up to 5 times. Once a mob is "infected" with planar wrack the conjuror can then cast Planar Burst to do damage to the mob.

    Firstly, you can only cast Planar Burst while you are directly targeting the mob. If you are targeting a tank who is targeting the mob it will NOT work.

    Secondly, didn't you guys just get away from this type of annoying mechanic when you changed the warlock dark aggrevation spell to put a buff on the warlock instead of a debuff on the mob? This is going to be annoying when fighting multiple mobs and figuring out which one has been infected so the conjuror can cast the nuke.
  2. Carthington Member

    This may prompt me to go back and look at dark aggravation again and see what it really does say. From what I gathered though, the mob has to be infected and with warlocks, it works on implied targets. I bugged the necro version of this after testing everything out so either the warlocks are bugged or summoners are bugged. Hopefully the dev can look at this and fix things.
  3. anaugi Member

    Yes,.. I noticed this on raid on the weekend.. and couldn't figure out why it was never popping... only after I started targetting the mobs directly did it work.

    Dev's please address this, you can't leave it in this state.

  4. Le Clown Active Member

    Wizards 'hellfire' has exact same problem (left side).
  5. Uberfuzzy Member

    Can you please also add "Duration: until cancelled" to Planar Wrack? It isnt clear that it is a put-on-once-buff right now.
  6. excalibur84 New Member

    Great news, but can we also get the spell changed to cast a buff on the conjuror instead of a debuff on the mob? Learn from your past mistakes with the warlock DI/DA and don't make us play a guessing game on which mob is affected by our Planar Burst nuke. Fights with adds will suck to try and find the right target.
  7. Alejo Member

    Did this ever get fixed? I just picked up Planar Burst last night and after 3 hours didn't get it to pop up once. :confused:

    I was targeting through the tank the entire time
  8. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    Yes. Also why would you want Planar Wrack/Burst to affect yourself instead of the target. It's so much dps on aoe fights when you have it ticking on multiple targets.
  9. Mae- Well-Known Member

    I was just thinking about this (as a necro, in regards to Death Grip). Seeing as its parsing about the same as POM, ET and Fanatical Devotion, why not make it a temp buff similar to those, but for myself only rather than group. I really really really hate hitting this key over and over and over and it parsing terribly. Its the end line of one of the prestige trees, it should be more impressive (or at less less wieldy).