[Bug] CD: Heroic Zone bugs

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Neroflop, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Neroflop Member

    Just wanted to start a list of bugs in heroic zones that are affecting zone completion.

    1. Vegarlson: Ruins of Rathe, 3rd named (Frog)- 2 separate bugs:
    1a- He heals way beyond what our top tier DPS can keep up with until his first port. after that the heals stop and we can damage him normally. I dont see any messaging to help us stop the heal, so we jsut sit there waiting until the first round of scripts is done and he ports us.
    1b- Script works, but occasionally he will script the tank buster script that all heroic named have at the same time as his regular move in front, move behind mechanic, which breaks the mob, as he will not root in a specific direction, forcing the tank to get hit by the KB, which is likely not survivable.

    2. Vegarlson: Ruins of Rathe, last named- encounter with the 2 tree mobs:
    2a- Both mobs ask for the fighter Bulwark of Order spell to protect the group, unfortunately they dont do this together, and most of the time what ends up happening is that the fighter can only protect the group every other time as the ability is on cooldown.

    3. Doomfire: Vengeance of Ro, last named
    1a- mechanic on the last named works. we understand how to avoid the big heals. The small heals happen at a specific interval. Unfortunately, this fight does not fall within the progression very well. using MC and solo gear to be about 100 points above the required resolve, the group cannot put out enough DPS to overcome the small 4% heals. (killed K first, could not kill V due to the 4% heals outpacing the rate of DPS). Maybe not necessarily a bug, but this is a tough DPS check to be classified as a t1 zone.I know groups have killed it, but it really cant be done only using current xpac gear at this point.
  2. Chrol Developer

    The healing is caused by the stone that he stands near at his spawn point. There's a way to destroy those stones. Regarding the issue with Chaotic Barrage and his frontals/real spells, I'll investigate.
    Edit: I'm going to just remove that stone from the area where the frog spawns.

    They should definitely not cast Chaotic Barrage at the same time. Will get that fixed.

    Can't speak for the 3rd issue as that's Kander's.

    Thanks for the feedback!
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  3. AvenElonis Active Member

    Tried Heroic Zones yesterday and today with a guild group (all over 1060), was able to kill 1 name in Bixel Hive yesterday and 2 today.
    Way, way, way too much mana drain and stuns - not fun by any means. If tanks were rare for groups before, mana batteries are rarer.
    Getting the hang of using Bulwark of Order, but wish it was a buff and not a spell, not like we tanks do not enough to worry about already.
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  4. Xavion Well-Known Member

    agreed its really hard when you have to follow chat for that message and have to keep up on threat and other things going on like jousting and swapping proper targets etc. maybe change bulwark where it has 5 triggers when used then you have to recast it again kinda hard to keep up on dps to hold aggro when im worrying over clicking bulwark and other various things
  5. Adaac Member

    The big problem for the tank in this zone is the power drain to zero then call for bulwark immediately following. Power pots and mana sieve have no effect need to eliminate the power drains or give us a chance to regen mana before the bulwark call. better idea is make bulwark insta cast with no power requirement.
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