Brutality Recruiting raiders and casuals on Varsoon

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Armil, Jun 8, 2022.

  1. Armil New Member

    Brutality is looking for level 50's interested in raiding on Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 8pm central time on the new Varsoon progression server starting on June 21st. We are also looking for casual players of any level. We are willing to help new players as well. Hit me up in tells or a guild invite. This is the same Brutality from Skyfire. It is being run by a tight group of friends who have been playing EQ2 for years.

    I myself am an old band director who is out for the summer, so I'm literally on all the time right now.
    Hit me up in tells for an invite or one of my guildies.

    Long time player of EQ2. Been playing since release.
    Originally Armil from the Toxxulia server/which became Guk server/eventually merged to the Halls of Fate server

    Guild Leader
  2. Nybling New Member

    Is this guild still recruiting?